Frequently Asked Questions:
How are payments broken down? 
Your family will receive a bill monthly via Email and you can either pay by mail or in person at the Pool.

How are entry fees for swim meets collected?
The meet information sheet is posted on our web site and will show how much each event costs. Meet entry fees and meet swimmer surcharges will be itemized on your monthly bill.

What equipment and outfitting will my child need and how much does it cost?
Each group is required to have an equipment bag and to be responsible for that bag. As your child progresses through the groups you will get a new equipment list and obtain the new objects at that time.

Where do I get the equipment?
Each coach has their preference of equipment. When you get the equipment list – you will also find the best place to buy that equipment.

How many days a week will my child have swim practice?
At MAC we offer a unique progression through swim groups which allows your child the opportunity to gain water time as they move through our progression. training groups, depending on age and ability you will be required anywhere between 3 days a week for our 8 and under to up to 9 practices a week for our advanced Seniors/Elite group.

What is the attendance policy? 
There are a minimum number of practices that each group is required to make per week. Remember that it is not only your child that suffers if they are not there. The swimmers around them use your child to race – to watch – to learn from. Also there are relays – and if your child is not making the number of required races – all of this is affected.

How can I contribute to my child’s team?
Please leave the coaching to the coaches. At MAC  no parent's are allowed on the deck to coach their children. However, there are many ways that parents can help. Usually this involves helping run meets, or the snack bar during meets. This is very important and cannot be stressed enough – We need your help to run our meets!!!