Volunteering and Job Signup

Martin County Swimming continuously endeavors to maintain its commitment to be a family oriented club that is reasonably accessible to all interested swimmers. Our fundraisers are swim meets!  Other fundraisers are optional.  Each swim family is required to provide support for each session of hosted swim meets.  To maintain membership in good standing in the Club, all annual fees, including hosted swim meet volunteer obligations, must be paid in full and kept current.  The fee schedule is set as low as possible and assumes that each family will contribute their time at hosted swim meets. 

Please mark the meets we host on your calendars as soon as possible.  The coaches schedule our hosted meets in Fall of the previous year.

Our volunteers help us continue to develop our MART Tiger Shark team pride in offering the finest meets, while keeping the costs of swimming to a minimum. Besides saving your family money, working at swim meets is a great way to support your child and get to know other swim families.  Also, many volunteer positions provide unique opportunities to watch your child race. For example, timers have the best seat in the house by being positioned at the starting blocks. It is a fun job to watch each swimmer complete their event and accomplish their goals.

There are many different volunteering opportunities at each home meet. The positions range from non-technical heat sheet sales & hospitality jobs, to the slightly more technical timer positions. You may also volunteer as an Official after special training.  Official's training is offered throughout the year as required by USA Swimming and our LSC, Florida Gold Coast Swimming.  Please ask your coach how to train to be an official.

If you want to ensure you get the home meet job placement you want, sign up as early as possible online.  For more information on jobs, please click here:  Meet Job Descriptions

You may also recruit responsible family members and friends to volunteer at home meets and to help you fulfill your family’s volunteer requirement.  When you log into your account and proceed to Job Signup, there will be an opportunity to enter contact information for an external volunteer.   Also, if your swimmer is not entered in the session, he/she may volunteer. This is also a way for the swimmers to give back to their swim club.

Our website streamlines the volunteer sign-up process, but you must be logged into your account to see the options for job signup. Once you are logged into your account, proceed to the meet for which you would like to volunteer in the "Meets/Events" section of the website. Several weeks before a home meet, team administration will open online volunteer sign-up, and the "Job Sign-up" button will appear next to the "Attend this Event" button. Clicking on the "Job Signup" button will take you to the list of jobs available. Click on the jobs that you would like to do. Once you have completed the signup, the button will change from "Job Signup" to "Edit Commitment". 

You will be able to go back into job signup and edit your commitment until the volunteer coordinator closes the signup. If you want to sign up volunteers external to your family, follow the prompts in the job signup.  Please note, you can sign up for more than one job at the meet as long as the jobs are not at the same time. 

If you do not have regular access to a computer or the internet, please speak to your Coach or Volunteer Coordinator about volunteering.