July Team News

Jul 1, 2019

July Training Schedule

National Development – 7:00-9:00am at Oxbridge

Senior Group – 7:00-9:00am at Oxbridge

Gold Group – 7:00-9:00am at  Oxbridge 

Blue Group – 7:00-8:30am Monday-Thursday at Gardens  9-11 Friday's at Oxbridge

Red Group –  7:00-8:30am Monday-Thursday at Gardens  9-11 Friday's at Oxbridge

White Group – 8:30-9:30am Monday – Thursday at Gardens

Orange Group – 8:30-9:15am  Monday – Thursday at Gardens

Green Group – 9:15-9:45am Monday, Tuesday, Thursday at Gardens and 5:00-5:30pm Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at Gardens

Pre-Green – 8:00-8:30am Tuesday and Thursday

Fourth of July

Happy Indepedence Day - NO Swim Practice! 


NPB and Martin County Swim Club will be hosting the 2019 FGC 14 & Under Junior Olympics on July 18-21. This is the championship meet for our 14 & under swimmer in our association. We will need our swim families to help us run a great championship meet. There will be over 700 swimmers from South Florida competing in the 3-day event. The meet features a preliminary and final session.

We are looking for as many willing and able bodies to help. (extended family, "Grams and Gramps", students that need community service hours, etc) We have attached the Sign-up Genius for your convenience, please sign up by Monday, July 8. We appreciate your support of the club.    


 Up Coming Swim Meets

Below is a list of the upcoming swim meets. Parents please check with your swimmers coach for specific dates and meets. Each training group has swimmers at different competitive level. 

Swim Meet Dates

Type of Meet / Location

Group Attending

July 6-7

BC Champs

Orange, White, Red, Blue, Gold, Sr

July 12-14

Sectional Champ/ Gainesville

National Group Qualifiers

July 12-14

BB Silver Champ/ Pompano

White, Red, Blue, Gold, Sr

July 18-21

Junior Olympics/ Stuart

Red, Blue, Gold

July 25

NPB Intra-Squad Meet

Green, Orange, White

July 26-28

Senior Champ/ Coral Springs

Senior and National

July 31 – August 4

USA Futures/ Greensboro

National Group Qualifiers

August 1-4

USA Futures/ Cary, NC

National Group Qualifiers

Changes to Training Schedule

Due to the upcoming championship swim meets and summer vacations, there will be no training on the following dates. 

Friday and Saturday, July 19-20

Friday and Saturday, July 26-27

Friday and Saturday, August 2-3

Friday and Saturday, August 9-10

Friday and Saturday, August 16-17


By Dr. Alan Goldberg//Competitivedge.com 

A common problem that a lot of swimmers struggle with is finding themselves getting psyched out or intimidated by the competition. You know the drill – you have to race against Larry Lightening Fast or Linda Lifetime Bests and you get yourself totally freaked out by them. Your heart starts pounding, your breathing gets faster and shallower, your muscles tighten and before you know it, you don't want to race against them. You just want to get their autograph. They are sooo good! How can you possibly stay with them? What if they lap you? How embarrassing will that be?

Here's the interesting thing about psych-outs: No one can psych you out or intimidate you! I repeat, NO ONE!How good an opponent is, or how strong, fast or tall they are can't intimidate you. The times that they've achieved can't intimidate you. The only way you can get intimidated is if youallow it to happen.

What do I really mean by this?

Swimmers who get psyched out by the competition do so because of where they put their focus of concentration both before and during their races. When youconcentrate on whoyou're swimming against and how fast they are, then you will start to get nervous, physically tighten up and, as a result, swim poorly. Intimidation can only happen if you allow your focus to leave “your lane” and what you're doing and go to your opponent's.When you waste your precious energy thinking about who you're racing and how great they are, then your nervous system will jack up into the red zone and you'll shut down performance-wise.

However, if you stay focused on your race plan, yourpre-race ritual and the feelof yourswim, then you will find it much easier to stay calm, composed and confident before and during your races. And when you do, you'll swim the way you're capable of swimming.

The good news here is that NO ONE can psych you out unless you make the mental mistake of concentrating on them either before or during your race. The rule of thumb is always to stay aware of where you put your focus, and the instant it starts to drift to another racer, quickly bring your concentration back to what you are doing. If this happens when you're behind the blocks, then bring your focus back to your pre-race ritual, whatever it is. Focus on your stretching, jumping up and down, slapping yourself, etc. If it happens during your race, then immediately return your focus to this stroke or this wall and the feel of what you are doing in your lane.

With a little awareness and some practice, you can strengthen your concentration muscles to the point where you can swim against anyone without letting them get to you. Remember, YOU are in control here!