Competitive swimming is an ideal activity for young people as it meets the goals for children’s organized sports cited by many experts:

  • Learning motor skills.

  • Increasing physical activity levels.

  • Learning social skills.

  • Learning good sportsmanship

  • Having fun.


Swimming is considered the ideal physical activity because:

  • Swimming is a low impact activity and reduces stress on the joints – it is the most injury-free sport for children.

  • Swimming develops coordination by requiring complex muscle movement involving all parts of the body.

  • Swimming builds cardiac and respiratory fitness and develops aerobic endurance.

  • Swimming promotes muscle development and burns calories, a particular concern with increasing rates of childhood obesity.

  • Swimming can be continued for a lifetime.

  • Swimming is a sport that children with disabilities can participate in.


In addition to the extensive physical benefits, competitive swimming also benefits young people by:

  • Providing a supportive, wholesome social outlet.

  • Learning sportsmanship, including dealing with winning and losing.

  • Developing team camaraderie and close friendships, many for life.

  • Learning goal setting, self-discipline and self-confidence.

  • Time-management: competitive swimmers are among the best students.


Aside from the physical, social and developmental benefits, competitive swimming is a FUN and EXCITING sport for young people.