How do I sign-up my child for swimming?   The best way is to show up at the pool between 3:30-3:50pm, Tuesday and Thursday.   If this is your first time, the coaches might want to see your child swim.   So be sure to bring a towel and a suit.   After evaluating your child, the coach will place him/her in a group and give you a registration packet.

How old does my child need to be, to be on the swim team?   He/she must be at least 4 years old.  Most importantly he/she must be able to swim across the pool unassisted.

My child wants to swim, but does not want to compete.   Can he/she still be on the team? Yes, we do not force any swimmer to compete.

Does my child need to come to practice every day?   No, there is no practice requirement. We do recommend that you attend as many as you can.   Obviously, the more you practice the faster you’ll improve.

What is USA Swimming? USA Swimming is the organization assigned by the US Congress as the official governing body for swimming in the United States.   North Palm Beach Swim Club is a member club of United States Swimming.   All of our swim team members must be registered with United States Swimming each year.

My child does not want to compete; does he/she need to register with USA Swimming? Yes, USA swimming provides our club with liability insurance.   For that reason all swimmers need to be current members of USA Swimming in order to participate in daily practices and attend swim meets.

How much does it cost to compete in a swim meet?   The cost of a swim meet varies, according to the competition level, the amount of days, and the amount of events that a swimmer swims in.   A typical one day meet a swimmer may swim between 4 to 5 events.   In a two day meet they may swim a total of 6 to 8 events.   The cost of each event is between $2.50 and $5.00, plus a surcharge of $5.00.

How often do swimmers compete?   Meets are held every two to four weeks.   We usually compete once a month.

Where are the swim meets held?   Most of our meets are held in Palm Beach County. 

Do you have a group for adults?   Yes, the group name is the Masters.   Click here for the Masters Group page!