SR Blue Group Swimmers must be 13+ years old & older.

SR Blue Group swimmers focus on getting in shape for the High School season, and are interested in swimming and attending LSC Developmental Swim Meets. Competitive swimming that’s FUN and exciting!

Practices:              Mon-Fri:                4:30pm-6:30pm

Requirements:       Must attend minimum of 4 practices a week; participate in at least 4 swim meets per year.


SR Gold Group:  Swimmers must be 13+ years old, or entering 9th grade and older.

SR Gold Group swimmers consist of upper level swimmers who are dedicated to swimming and attending LSC Senior Championships Level meets. Competitive swimming at its best!

Practices:                   Mon,Wed, Fri:    5:30am-7am

                                  Mon-Fri:            4:30pm-6:30pm

                                  Sat:                   7am-9am

Requirements:  Must attend minimum of 5 practices a week; participate in at least 6-10 swim meets per year.


Elite Group:  Swimmers are“Invite Only.” Must be 13+ years old; entering 9th grade & older.

SR Gold Group swimmers have achieved the highest level of swimming in their age group and are extremely dedicated to their training. They strive to attend Junior National & National Level meets. These swimmers are by “Invite Only,” from the Head Coach.

 Practices:           Mon,Wed, Fri:    5:30am-7am

    Mon-Fri:             4:30pm-6:30 

    Sat:                    7am-9am

Requirements:  Must attend minimum of 8 practices a week; participate in at least 10-12 swim meets per year.