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Spring and Summer 2019

Parents and Players                                     

Welcome to another great and exciting club season of water polo. We have so much going on and are very happy to provide you with opportunities to play and practice this great game of water polo. Our program is designed for you to achieve the goals you have set for your selves. We provide training in all aspects of the game; swimming, dryland and weight, technical and tactical as well as individual skill specific training.

Training Schedule:

Be aware this is different that what was communicated due to the need to provide a quality training for each group in the pool and to maximize pool space for that practice session.

    Developmental Group (middle school and below):

22 April-2 August: Tuesday and Thursday 430-530pm.

Elite Group (HS aged and some selected under 14 athletes):

22 April-2 August: Monday-Thursday, 5:30pm-7:30pm. Swimming 4pm-530pm after 1 June Morning swim practice Monday, Wednesday & Friday 6:30am-9am,

Dryland/weights 4:30pm-5:30pm Tuesday and Thursday


It will be critical for us that you are well informed and up to date on all the goings on. Practices and games, clinics and camps, tournaments and travel will always be posted on our website.

You have access to our training schedule which is posted on our calendars HERE. You will need to select the group specific calendar (Water Polo Elite or  Water Polo Developmental) in the drop down menu on the general calendar page. There is no longer a boys and girls separate calendar.  The General Calendar will show all SAA club events while the individual groups will have their own events and training schedule. Please use this when determining what the week's provide and come back often as it does change from time to time ,

Tournament Sign-Ups

All trips and tournaments are posted in detail under the Competition tab on our websites as well. Each event requires you to attend/decline the event. This is absolutely critical to our planning and logistics. You will receive an initial email announcing the tournament and asking for you to respond. A second notice will go out 7 days prior to the event again asking for you to respond with a yes or no to attend.  Please respond either way so that we can plan the trip and provide the best experience for the team. Please remember that water polo is a team sport and our policy is to have at least  minimum of 10 players in order to play in a tournament. We will make every effort to augment our team with guest players from other teams if we cannot meet the minimum.

Costs and Entry Fees:

Our team administrator will handle all billing. Typical costs for a tournament will include entry fees, coaching travel and admin fees and will vary from one tournament to the next depending on these factors. It is imperative that your account information is correct and kept up to date. Please refer to the agreement you signed when you completed club registration for our policy on travel and event fees. Any questions about billing can be directed to Kara Cassidy at [email protected].

USAWP Memnbership

Please be sure to go on to www.usawaterpolo.org and become a member. Our club number is 16415, Scots Water Polo Club. You will be given options of membership levels; Gold, Silver and Bronze. If you are planning to travel and play in any national level event you will be required to be a Gold member and have an age verification done. Everyone else should be a Silver or Bronze level member. Further if you are a member of another team, we ask that you affiliate with Scots Water Polo which can be done at no charge through your member account. We require all players to have a USAWP membership to be a part of our program.

Text Communication

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