The Fierce and Mighty Dragons welcome new swimmers at any time during the year!   Before enrolling with the team, all interested newcomers should plan to attend a swimmer evaluation session.  Please contact our coaching staff to arrange a time to stop by the pool.

There are no formal requirements to join the team and we welcome swimmers of all abilities.  Just come to the pool and be assessed so that we can place you in the proper practice group.  You do not need to know all the swimming strokes as long as you have an understanding of the fundamental strokes and skills.  Evaluations are fun and easy and nothing to worry about!

After one of our coaches watches you swim, he/she will talk with you about which practice group may be the best fit for you. Expect to spend about 20 minutes at the pool on your evaluation day.

We are pleased to offer a FREE TWO-WEEK TRIAL to see if swimming with the Dragons is something you will enjoy!  Come to practice and get to know the coaches, swimmers and training routine.  Then, after your two-week trial, let us know if your future is with the Fierce and Mighty Dragons!

Questions regarding evaluation sessions can be directed to:

Coach Summir: [email protected]

FGSC Main Line: (503) 550-5915

We look forward to seeing you at the pool!