Welcome to the Forest Grove Swim Club.  Thank you for thinking of the Fierce and Mighty Dragons when considering youth athletics for your child. We have 5 different groups with a wide range in abilities in our sport starting with beginners up to athletes who swim in college.

The environment at the Forest Grove Swim Club is a smaller, more intimate setting and we expect all members to be positive, team-oriented individuals.  As such, the coaching staff will meet with each prospective member and a parent to discuss the nature of the program and the reasons for joining.  After the meeting, swimmers are offered a two week tryout to experience the schedule, the commute, the workouts, team and the coaches.  After that period, if both parties feel it is the right decision, the family will register and the journey shall begin.

Questions to consider:

  1. How much does it cost?  What are the fees?
  2. What are the parent obligations? Service hours? Fundraising? Other?
  3. What is your coaching/training approach? What events to you focus on for each age group? Why?
  4. What is your approach to teaching? Training?
  5. Are your coaches certified? What level?
  6. Does your club help with kids' college recruiting efforts?
  7. What is your club's success with college placement?
  8. Do college swimmers come back and train with the team?
  9. How many yards do you train in grade school?  Middle School?  High School?  Why?
  10. Does your club do dryland?  Weight Training? Why/Why not?
  11. How do you avoid burnout on your team?
  12. When are practices?  Winter?  Summer?
  13. Where are most of your meets?
  14. Are there social activities?  If so, what?
  15. How do you prepare the swimmers for regular meets?
  16. How do you prepare for "championship meets?"
  17. What do you feel are the strengths of your team?  Weaknesses?
  18. How does your team differentiate itself from other USA Swimming clubs?
  19. How would the swimmers on the team describe their experience and the coaching staff?

Common Myths of Year-Round Swimming

You have to be fast.
Half of FGSC's athletes are still working to earn their first Championship qualifying time.

It is too hard.
Our program's level of difficulty increases as the athlete improves and learns new skills.  We look at an athlete's career as a marathon, not a sprint, thus allowing us a gradual increase in training while focusing on technique.

It is too serious/It is not fun.
We want this to be a positive life experience. We have built the program with that in mind; however, discipline produces positive life skills.  Many of our athletes view their teammates as family and are learning the skills necessary to be a positive member of that group.  When asked, I trust that many Dragons will tell you that their most pleasant memories come while representing the Forest Grove Swim Club.

The coaches only care about the "fast" swimmers.
The coaching staff care for those athletes who show up for practice, work their hardest, and pay attention.  Speed has nothing to do with it.

I am not fast enough to swim in college.
If swimming in college is a goal, we will help you achieve that goal.

Year-round swimming is too time-consuming/takes away from academics?
Studies have show that year-round swimming has proven to enhance academic performance through self-discipline, time management and focus.