2022-2023 Forest Grove Swim Team Tryout Form


Forest Grove Swim club, a USA Swimming Team, offers prospective members the opportunity to swim with the team for up to two weeks for free.  This time period should be adequate to allow the swimmer and their family to evaluate our program and for the coaching staff of Forest Grove Swim Club to evaluate the swimmer.  Both evaluations are critical to make certain that a potential union is in the best interest's of both partiesPlease note: the tryout period is for two calendar weeks and not fourteen days of swimming at the swimmer's discretion. 

Tryouts/evaluations are a requirement for joining the team. 


Step 1: Please review the team information on the website (www.fgdragons.com)


Step 2: Please complete the online form prior to your tryout day.


Step 3: Contact the Coach Laura to set up a meeting to try out.