FGSC Pentathlon Review

Summir Case

Dragons raced CST Sharks and LaCamas HeadHunters at our first home meet on October 6 taking place a week and a half after the pool reopened. The Pentathlon was a fun starter meet with our Dragons racing 25’s and 50’s of stroke, 100 and 200 IM, and relays. Many NT (no times) were eliminated with new legal times and some swimmers hit best times.


During the meet our Dragons were paired up with a Dragon Buddy. This is something that was started up before I coached with our club and I have found it to bring excitement to the meets mostly from the younger swimmers as they look up to their speedy, older Dragon team mates. Our older swimmers have the chance to work on their leadership skills as they focus on their races and someone else’s as well. Dragon Buddies build team spirit and it is a great way to connect our swimmers across all groups on our club.


1st Time "A" Qualifier: Jesse Mazurkiewicz, in the grey group, raced into his 1st “A” qualifying time in the 25 back. Earning an “A” time is the ticket to racing at the Oregon Swimming Championship meets in February and March. You can find the time standards on the Oregon Swimming website. Here is the link: https://www.teamunify.com/wzorlsc/__doc__/2020-2021_SC_Standards.pdf


Desi Kurtz is our awesome meet director. She spends many hours behind the scenes organizing our home meets. Huge thanks to her as the first meet of our season went well! Our meets could not run without the help of our Dragon parents. Every meet swimmers can earn legal times at need officials on the deck! There are many officials needed at a meet to make sure all times count. Walter Monk was the meet ref; Ronette Bakke, Chris Mazurkiewicz, Rosa Morales, and Scott Brennan were the stroke and turn officials watching to confirm the swimmers are following the rules of the sport to earn legal times; and Jerry Perez and Sherri Vann were the electronic timers officials who check the touch pad time (time that shows up on the score board) and the watch times of the timers behind the blocks to make sure all swimmers have their accurate race time. Thank you, Dragon Officials!! There are many other jobs that need filling during our home swim meets. Thank you to all parents who helped out. We had a successful first home meet.