This page is a work in progress; former Dragons are encouraged to get in touch and provide updates.

Class of 2014
Oreine Shiel - Oberlin College
Jacob Alton - Oregon State University
Class of 2013
Charles Morse - Pacif ic University
Vera Hutchinson - Oberlin College
Tim Sandage - UC Santa Cruz

Class of 2012
Paul O'Day - Pacific University
Stephanie Stanich - North Central University (Minnesota)
Jessica Turner - Brigham Young University
Grace Davey - Canyonview Equestrian College

Class of 2011
Jami Kenny - Linfield College
Josh Woods - United States Air Force

Class of 2010
Jacob Cockeram - Portland Community College
Mariah Hogan - Portland Community College
Alan Knotts
Azsha Preble - Eastern Montana
Josh Sandage - Pitt State (Kansas)
Ian Smith - Portland Community College
Alyssa Taylor - Portland Community College
Ali Thomas - University of Portland

Class of 2009
Madeline Allnutt - Cottey College (Missouri)
Elisse Hansen - Oregon State University

Class of 2008
Jessica Clark - Pacific University

Class of 2007
Steve Allnutt - University of Hawaii
Alwyn Hites-Clabaugh - Pacific University

Class of 2006
Lisa Carr

Class of 2005
Ian Harwood - Oregon State University/Linfield Nursing School
Laura Keown - University of Oregon (Masters)

Class of 1991
Brandon Hundley - Willamette University

Class of 1988
Rian Klenke

Class of 1980
BJ Beu - Pacific Lutheran University

Class of 1978
Sherri Burlingham - Stanford University

Class of 1976
Tom Gamble - University of Oregon