Supporting the Team through Service Hours

The strongest clubs in the USA Swimming organization have a high level of parent involvement, and the Forest Grove Swim Club is no exception.

Parental involvement helps our athletes and their families learn about the sport of swimming at all levels, from local club competitions up through national meets and the Olympic Games. It fosters a spirit of unity among our families, and creates the positive relationships that help us support each other, grow our club, and increase community support for aquatic sports.

Because the FGSC is a collaborative effort of all of our members, each FGSC family is expected to commit to a number of hours per season to supporting the club, we call this support time, Service Hours.

Gold, Black, and Purple Groups
Two-parent families are expected to provide 35 hours of service to the club each year.  


Grey and White Groups
Two-parent families are expected to provide 25 hours of service to the club each year.


For calculating service hours, a year runs from September through August (a full short course and a full long course swim season).  Contact Club Treasurer for one-parent family service hour amounts.

Service hours will be pro-rated during the first year of a family’s membership of the club, as follows:



If you join in:



% of hours required



Pro-rata hours required for:


Sep - Oct





Gold, Black, or Purple


Grey or White


Nov - Dec









Jan - May









Jun - Aug









Payment in lieu of Service Hours

At the start of each season in September, a family may elect to opt-out of providing their service hours and make a payment to the club of $20 per expected support hour.  Payment in lieu of service hours is an acceptable alternative for those who choose not to contribute their time.

Each August, families with unfulfilled service hour commitments will be notified of their shortfall and will be billed $30 per unfulfilled support hour.

Tracking Your Service Hours

Please use our online tracking form by clicking on this link.

Paper forms are available in the Member Forms binder near the team mailboxes at the Forest Grove Aquatic Center, and can also be downloaded here.  Fill out a form and drop it in the payment slot (near the team mailboxes) to receive credit for your service time. It is your responsibility to report your hours, and to make sure that you fulfill your expected support time hours. If you need to find out how many hours you have accumulated, you can check your account online.  You can log into your TeamUnify account to track your hours and we suggest you that regularly to avoid getting an unexpected bill.  Service Hours are found under the My Account tab on the right side of the homepage. 

Service Hour Opportunities

The following is a brief description of the many jobs we need covered at our meets to help you find one that best fits your abilities and interest.  Thank you for your continued support of our athletes.

  1. Meet Director: This is a FGSC Board Position and requires training.
  2. Electronic Timing: This requires registration with USA Swimming and additional training. Please speak to Walter Monk if you are interested.
  3. Officials: This requires registration with USA Swimming and additional training. Please speak to Walter Monk if you are interested.
  4. Safety Marshal: Parents sit in the corners of the pool during warm ups before each session to keep an eye on the kids and alert lifeguards if an incident occurs.  
  5. Head Timer: Parent stands at the start end of the pool with two extra stop watches and starts them at the start of each race in case a lane timer misses the start or has a malfunction. They then give the lane timer their extra watch.
  6. Hospitality Coordinator: Parent stays in the hospitality room and sets out the already prepared food for the coaches and officials, also replenishes coffee, water, soda. The Coordinator also manages the hospitality assistants and coordinates the food with volunteers.
  7. Hospitality Assistants:  Parents stay in the hospitality room and sets out the already prepared food for the coaches and officials, also replenishes coffee, water, soda.
  8. Hospitality Runner: Parent walks the deck every 15 minutes with water and snacks for coaches and timers.   
  9. Hospitality Food: Parents sign up to bring prepared food to be served to the coaches and officials. 
  10. Concessions Coordinator: Parent coordinates the shopping
  11. Concessions Assistants: Parents sign up to work hour long time slots in the concession stand.
  12. Awards: Parent sorts and places stickers on the back of the ribbons during swim meet.
  13. Results: Parent will take printed results from the Meet Director and post them on the wall in the hallway.
  14. Announcing: Parent sits on the lifeguard stand and announces the beginning and upcoming events.
  15. Clerk of the Course: Parent works with Meet Manager and disperses timing cards to timers and picks them up after each race.  
  16. Deck Runner: Parent walks the deck and picks up Disqualification slips from Officials.
  17. Bull Pen: Parent lines up the 8 and Under swimmers before their race and walks them to their block.
  18. Gatekeeper: Parent stands on deck and allows the 9 and over kids behind the blocks only as their event comes up.
  19. Heat Winner Prize: Parent stands at the finish and hands the winner of each heat a prize (candy etc.)
  20. Ice Runner: Parent takes ice chests to McDonald’s and fills them up with ice before the a.m. session and p.m. session.