Each Dragon family has an annual fundraising commitment based on the number and level of their swimmers.  This financial commitment can be covered through any fundraising activities the family chooses or by direct contribution from the family.  A few examples of fundraising activities could be:

Direct Donation: Members can procure a donation from someone interested in supporting the team, and will receive 100% credit toward their fundraising commitment.  Forest Grove Swim Club is a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, and donations may therefore be tax-deductible by the donor. Click here for Sponsor Form.

Swim a Thon: This is our biggest fundraiser each year and the best way for you to fulfill your commitment. Athletes raise money by collecting pledges for swimming lengths of the pool in a single session or just a straight donation during this period.  Swimmers may solicit pledges from individuals or businesses, and will receive 100% credit toward their fundraising commitment. Using your online account is the easiest way to send out emails with information about the event. This is held each year in May.

SCRIP Earnings: This is an opportunity that allows member families to slowly fundraise while buying groceries and other products with gift cards from local and nation-wide merchants, while enabling them to meet their commitment at no extra cost.  Most of you have seen the great gift cards available through our SCRIP program.  We encourage you to buy SCRIP to purchase all of your groceries, clothes, and gifts at stores like The Gap, Old Navy, Godfather’s Pizza, Fred Meyer, and Safeway.  A regular routine of buying SCRIP can cover your entire fundraising commitment.  All SCRIP purchases must be prepaid.

Christmas Meet Silent Auction: Each year at our Christmas meet we hold a silent auction. If you have any business connections or want to put together your own items for sale, this is a fun way to get some great stuff while taking care of your (or someone else's) fundraising commitment.

SwimOutlet: If you shop for swim gear at SwimOutlet.com, use the link from our website to take advantage of our affiliate account and earn fundraising credit. Our link is http://www.swimoutlet.com/forestgrovedragonsswimclub. When you use this link you should see a banner at the top of the webpage which indicates you are shopping through the FGSC affiliate account. Forest Grove Swim Clubgets 8-10% back from each order placed through the account so when you make a purchase through the link please send a copy of the receipt to [email protected].  The receipt will clearly show the amount of money the club will get back and we will credit that amount to your swimmer’s fundraising commitment

The annual swimmer fundraising commitment is due by August 31 (season-end).

General fundraising:
Forest Grove Swim Club can also benefit from your Fred Meyer and Amazon purchases! These dollars cannot be traced back to specific swimmers based on how Fred Meyer and Amazon distribute their contributions, but linking your accounts to the club will help raise money that goes toward club operations.

Fred Meyer
Linking your Fred Meyer Rewards Card to the club will not take away any benefit or reward you receive from Fred Meyer. Fred Meyer will, however, donate a percentage of your purchase totals to a local organization of your choice. Simply link your rewards number to the Forest Grove Swim Club at https://www.fredmeyer.com/topic/community-rewards-4 and help the club through purchases you already make.

Amazon offers donations to community organizations through https://smile.amazon.com/ In the upper left-hand corner of their webpage is a “Supporting” link. Select Forest Grove Swim Club, and qualifying purchases will garner donations to the club.