The FGSC Board of Directors is comprised of parents just like you.  They have taken time from their very busy lives to help make the Forest Grove Swim Club the very best it can be.  Without the help and support from our army of volunteers (YOU!), we would not be the club we are today.  Please say yes! when a Board or Committee member approaches you and asks you to join in.

Board meetings are typically the second Wednesday of the month, but check the team calendar for specific dates and locations.


Forest Grove Swim Club Board of Directors

President: Judie Bartoo  [email protected]

Vice President:   

Treasurer: Nathan Cash  [email protected]

Secretary: Wendy Meeuwsen  [email protected]

Member at Large: Kirsten Beier  [email protected]

Registrar: Erica DeBois  [email protected]

Meet Director: Christie Blake  [email protected]