The Forest Grove Swim Club program has been structured on the premise of athlete development in age group swimming.  At each level of the program, we continually try to evaluate and adapt to the multitude of factors, both scientific and sociological, that influence the growth and development of young athletes. Experience has taught us that the perfect age group program is a moving target that changes as the population we serve changes and as we learn more about the development of young people.

White Group

The white group is our pre-competitive group.  This entry-level group is designed for children who can comfortably swim and would like to join the team to develop their skills in the water. This group will focus on learning stroke technique, breath control, balance, line, and posture with introductions to breaststroke and butterfly movements along with an introduction to diving. This group is not expected to attend swim meets but can with coach approval.

Grey Group

The grey group swimmers are competent in freestyle and backstroke and have learned the basics of breaststroke and butterfly. Diving, turns, butterfly and breaststroke are the main focus of this group along with becoming comfortable with competing and developing the ability to swim an IM legally in competition. These swimmers should practice 2-3 times a week and compete at our home meets.

Purple Group

The purple group is the main developmental group, where swimmers hone their skills and participate in both home and away meets.  Legal, proper stroke technique and flip turns are expected. Training principals are introduced and worked on while swimmers are striving to hold proper technique in longer races.  Dryland is introduced to work on general fitness, coordination, and team building activities.  Swimmers should practice 3-5 times a week.

Black Group

The black group is the bridge between developmental swimming and training. Swimmers should have good technique and a willingness to accept challenging workouts.  Training and dryland take a big step up with swimmers working towards individual improvement. This group should practice 4-5 times a week, and race at as many meets available on our meet schedule. Those who qualify for championship meets in individual or relay events have the honor to represent our club with their achievements.

Gold Group

The gold group is for older swimmers and those who have demonstrated a willingness and ability to swim fast while maintaining technique. These athletes are expected to show their dedication and responsibility as role models for the groups below them. These swimmers are expected to attend as many workouts as they are able and attend the meets on our meets schedule as well as all qualifying championship meets. It is the responsibility of the gold group swimmers to inform their coach as soon as possible if they are unable to attend a practice or a meet.