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Fees and Billings

ATAC is administered by The City of Tallahassee's Parks and Recreation Department in cooperation with Performance Enhancement Enterprises, Inc. The ATAC fee structure is approved by the City and billing is done through Performance Enhancement Enterprises.

* Fees for the year round program are billed quarterly, on the first of each quarter Performance Enhancement Enterprises will send a bill for   the quarterly fees for those selecting that payment option.

*Quarterly fees are due by the 15th of the first month of the quarter. Unpaid fees that are 30 days overdue will be assessed a 20 % late fee for every 30 days they are overdue.

* Fees for the seasonal leagues are due at the time of registration.

* There is a $50 TEAM registration fee for Year Round swimming

* All swimmers are required to be registered with USA Swimming. $75 for 2020 or ($37.50 for 4/1/20-8/28/20)

Billing is divided into quarters. There may not be practice held during certain weeks, such as holidays and public school spring break.

Participants are expected to pay for the entire quarter through either a quarterly billing process or a monthly automatic bank draft. Participation is not pro-rated and there are no refunds.

The quarters are as follows:

Season Months
Spring March, April, May
Winter December, January, February
Summer June, July, August
Fall September, October, November

Payment Procedures:

For those selecting the monthly automatic bank draft option, the fees will be drafted by Performance Enhancement Enterprises between the 1st and the 5th of the month. A receipt will not be sent, however, the draft amount will appear on your monthly bank statement.

Parents MUST notify the head coach, Terry Maul , 10 days prior to the beginning of a quarterly billing or monthly draft if a swimmer will no longer be participating in the program.

Training Group Fees effective 6/1/2017
Pre-Senior $120 per month
High School Conditioning $85 per month
Age Group, Pressure 1 & 2 $85 per month
Novice Pre-Age Group $65 per month
Novice (Bronze, Silver and Gold) $65 per month
Seniors $150 per month

Fees are structured according to ATAC training groups.