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ATAC provides several training options to provide for all levels of skill and goal orientation for children, adolescents, and young adults.

Practices are held at Trousdell Pool and Myers Park (Wade Wehunt Pool). A cooperative program is conducted in Thomasville, GA. 

The requirement for ATAC membership is that the child be able to swim one length of a 25-yard pool in good freestyle form (Head in the water, breathing to the side.) A member of the coaching staff will conduct a short water test Try-Out Dates and Times to determine the appropriate group for the child's skill level.

When placing a child on the team for the first time, the coaches will place swimmers where they can be successful. When the swimmer falls between two groups, we will place the swimmer in the easiest group. Placing a swimmer in a group “over their head” for car pool or convenience reasons usually leads to a situation of poor self-image, inability to keep up and eventually quitting the sport. If child does not meet the standard for the groups below, Tallahassee Swim school (Swim Lessons) are offered seasonally* 


NOVICE (BRONZE) Average Ages 5-10

The Bronze group is intended to teach children the four competitive strokes, Individual Medley (IM) and starts and turns while developing a love for swimming and improving physical conditioning.

Attendance: We encourage attending at least three times a week.

Swim Meets: Swimmers are encouraged to participate in local AND some out of town meets.

NOVICE (SILVER AND GOLD) Average Ages 6-11

After the child has mastered the four basic stroke techniques, they will move to this level where the emphasis will be to imporove physical conditioning while teaching the basic skills necessary for competition. This group will maintain a strong emphasis on developing correct habits in stroke technique.

Attendance: We encourage attending at least four times a week.

Swim Meets: Swimmers are encouraged to participate in local AND occasionally travel to an out-of-town multi-day meet.

AGE GROUP 1 and 2 Average Ages 9-12

This level is divided into two levels of intensity (AG 1 and AG 2). Both levels are intended to move the child's training experience to another level of intensity by increasing intensity and volume of training. The AG 1 group work at a higher level of intensity and volume of training than AG 2.

Attendance:  We encourage attending 5 times a week.

Swim Meets: Swimmers in these groups are encouraged to compete in all ATAC team competitions.

PRE-SENIOR 2 Average Ages 11-17

This group is intended to provide an opportunity for swimmers in middle school or high school to maintain a high level of physical conditioning without making the intense commitment to year-round swimming that is expected of the Pre-Senior 1 and Senior groups. The emphasis will be on improving stroke technique while maintaining physical conditioning in a healthy social environment.

Attendance:  We encourage attending at least 3 times a week.

Swim Meets: Swimmers in this group are expected to compete in all meets.have the option to compete in local and out-of-town meets.

PRE-SENIOR 1 Average Ages 13-14

The Pre-Senior group is made up of swimmers who have a need to increase volume and intensity beyond the Age Group offering, but are not quite ready to take on the demands of the Senior program. The emphasis of this group is to prepare the swimmers for Senior level training. Strength work in the weight room may be included with this group.

Attendance:  We encourage attending at least 6 times a week and at least one morning practice.

Swim Meets:Swimmers in this group are expected to compete in all meets.

SENIOR Average Ages 13-College

The Senior group trains at the highest level of volume and intensity provided by the ATAC program. Swimmers in this group are generally focusing on state and national level competition and are expected to make a high level of commitment to training. The training in this group includes morning and afternoon sessions, as well optional strength training in the weight room.

Attendance:  We encourage attending 7-9 times a week.

Swim Meets:Swimmers in this group are expected to compete in all meets.


The Challenger group meets three days a week and is intended to provide an aquatic experience for children or adults with disabilities requiring more individual attention.

Fees and Billings

1. USA Swimming registration

$110 paid to ATAC Boosters. Good through 12/31/2022

2. Coaching fees (Year Round program or Seasonal League) Paid to Performance Enhancement Enhancement, Inc.

A. Year Round

  • Fees paid monthly by automatic bank draft after the first month based on group (1st month paid by check). A receipt will not be sent, the draft amount will appear on your monthly bank statement.
  • $50 Administration fee due with registration
  • 3 month commitment
  • Parents MUST notify the head coach, Terry Maul , 10 days prior to the beginning of the monthly draft if a swimmer will no longer be participating in the program.

B. Seasonal League

  • Fees for the seasonal leagues are due at the time of registration
  • No commitment
* All swimmers are required to be registered with USA Swimming-No exceptions

*There may not be practice held during certain weeks, such as holidays and public school spring break.

Participation is not pro-rated and there are no refunds. 

Additional fees

Swim meet fees are in addition to USA Swimming and Coaching fees.