2020 Meet Quarantine Ends! ATAC Triumphs at PCST Speedo Beach Blast!

Coach Peter Hegwein

“Joy is of the will which labours, which overcomes obstacles, which knows triumph.”

  • William Butler Yeats

Back in March when the world came to a halt due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many thought that it would be catastrophic for swimming due to the training needed for success. Undeterred, ATAC labored on, first with Zoom discussions and home dryland. We eventually returned to the water, albeit with limited swimmers at fewer practice sessions and reduced hours.

     All fears were put to rest once the first strokes were taken at the PCST Speedo Beach Blast Invitational this past weekend! Judging from the number of FLAG and Senior cuts earned, meet and team records broken, and personal best times swum, ATAC did indeed triumph!

Full results HERE

Earning new Senior Champs (FLSR) Cuts were:


Matthew Anderson, Jonathon Butler, Nathan Castano, Collin Dillard, Ethan Ekk, Isabella Ekk, Owen Ekk, Ryder Gentry, Stuart Higdon, Shelby Pautsch, Lewis Stringfellow, Nathaniel Thompson, Jonas Wars, Joshua Wurgler, and Duel Yearty.

Punching their ticket to FLAGS (Florida Age Group Championships) in March were:

Ethan Bass, Nathan Castano, Ethan Ekk, Ryder Gentry, Kaylee Jones, Joshua Osborne, and Nicholas Pierce.


Setting new Team Records were:

Girls 15-16

50 Backstroke:  Lydia Hanlon: 25.70                           Old: 26.95

100 Backstroke: Lydia Hanlon: 54.82                          Old: 55.94

50 Fly:  Lydia Hanlon: 24.75                                        Old: 26.36

100 Fly: Lydia Hanlon: 55.04                                       Old: 55.33

Boys 11-12

100 Free: Owen Ekk: 51.57                                         Old: 52.41

200 IM: Owen Ekk: 2:04.09                                         Old: 2:06.06


Breaking Meet Records were:

10 & Under Boys

50 Breast: Kipton Fenniman: 36.76                            Old: 37.20

11-12 Boys

100 Free: Owen Ekk: 51.57                                         Old: 51.75

100 Back: Owen Ekk: 58.34                                         Old: 58.86

100 Breast: Owen Ekk: 1:07.94                                   Old: 1:10.66

200 IM: Owen Ekk: 2:04.09                                          Old: 2:11.86

13-14 Boys

200 Free: Ethan Ekk: 1:47.46                                       Old: 1:48.57

1000 Free: Ryder Gentry: 10:03.65                             Old: 10:12.77

200 Back: Ethan Ekk: 1:58.96                                      Old: 2:00.33

400 IM: Ethan Ekk: 4:21.58                                          Old: 4:23.77

15 & Older Girls

100 Free: Stella G. Watts: 52.22                                 Old: 52.76

200 Free: Lydia Hanlon: 1:51.48                                 Old: 1:53.04

500 Free: Stella G. Watts: 4:57.06                              Old: 5:02.72

1000 Free: Stella G. Watts: 10:03.23                          Old: 10:23.71

100 Back: Lydia Hanlon: 54.82                                   Old: 58.91

200 Back: Lydia Hanlon: 2:01.60                                Old: 2:05.26

50 Fly: Lydia Hanlon: 24.75                                        Old: 25.68

100 Fly: Lydia Hanlon: 55:04                                      Old: 58.55

400 IM: Stella G. Watts: 4:30.88                                 Old: 4:32.61

15 & Older Boys

1000 Free: Stuart Higdon: 9:36.20                             Old: 9:39.86


Taking the Blue Ribbon were:

Jonathon Butler (50/100 Free), Nathan Castano (100 Fly), Ethan Ekk (50/100/200 Back, 200/500 Free, 400 IM), Owen Ekk (50/100 Breast, 100 Back, 100 Free), Kipton Fenniman (50 breast, 100 IM), Ryder Gentry (50/100/1000 Free, 50 Fly, 100 Breast), Lydia Hanlon (50/100 Fly, 100/200 Back, 200 Free), Stuart Higdon (100/500 Free, 400 IM), Dahee Seo (100 Free), and Stella G. Watts (100/500/1000 Free, 400 IM).

In addition to the above swimmers, finishing among the Top Three in at least one event were:

Ethan Bass, Lauren Carter, Teresa Castano, Emily Chorpening, Wade Eastman, Isabella Ekk, Peyton Gilbert, Bace Hevey, Kaylee Jones, Riley McFadden, Carl Moore, Joshua Osborne, Shelby Pautsch, Chris Pierce II, Nicholas Peirce, Jonas Wars, Claire Webber, and Carson Wise.

Swimming 100 % New Best Times were:

Nathan Castano, Betsy Conrad, Ethan Ekk, Owen Ekk, Crosby Fenniman, Kipton Fenniman, Fiona Haefner, David Hong, Kaylee Jones, William King, Sean McFadden, Carl Moore, Reagan Owen, Reagan Persing, Chris Pierce II, Nicholas Pierce, Katherine Rowan, Nathaniel Thompson, Trevor Waller, Paige Webber, Chris Williams, Carson Wise, McKay Yearty, and Cameron York.

And now for our “Biggest Losers!”


Kaylee Jones (-41.78s, 200 IM)

Katherine Rowan (-26.80s, 500 Free)

Carolyn Conrad (-19.99s, 200 Free)


Ethan Ekk (-28.25s, 500 Free)

Taber Granquist (-18.89s, 1000 Free)

Wyatt Thompson (-15.34s, 200 IM)


Congratulations to all our ATAC swimmers for an outstanding first meet of the season! We also wish to thank all the parents for your patience and understanding as we continue to work through our situation and make the most of what we have.

“I’ll be at practice, will you?”   - Terry Maul