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Myers Park Pool Sets Attendance Record! ATAC Fall Harvest Meet A Resounding Success!

Coach Peter Hegwein

2021 Fall Harvest Meet

Myers Park Pool has probably never seen as many swimmers as were on deck Saturday at the 2021 ATAC Fall Harvest Meet!

By all accounts, everything went smoothly; indeed, many visiting team parents and coaches had nothing but accolades for ATAC, especially our dedicated volunteers!

ATAC Results HERE.

Earning new Florida Senior Championship Cuts (FLSR) was:

  • Lewis Stringfellow (50 free, 100 back)

Notching new Florida Age Group Championship (FLAGS) cuts were:

  • Crosby Fenniman (200 free, 400 IM)
  • Taber Granquist (100 back, 500 Free)
  • Solomon Osborne (50 breast, 100 IM)

Swimming their way in to the 100% Club (personal best times) were:

Jackson Adams, Dean Bigelow, Matthew Bigelow, Vivian Carlisle, David Carpenter, Addison Davis, Brennan Dickey, Tallulah Field, Brooklyn Finn, Rhett Green, Eva Gudeman, Brody Haefner, Jaiden Harvey, Elijah Hickey, Conner Holmes, Andrew Kjellin, Brody Lane, Katy McBride, Andrew Miller, Oliver Moore, Carter Nelson, Solomon Osborne, Kerri Outten, Cher Patrick, Celie Perry, Emmerson Rennels, Aubrey Rode, Kurt Savage, Logan Shettle, Lewis Stringfellow, Harper Sullivan, Micah Swords, Bo Wilcox, Ava Wise, Carson Wise, and Fenway Wonsch.


Taking the Blue Ribbon were:

  • Owen Ekk (50/100/200/500 free, 100/200 breast, 200 back, 200 IM)
  • Crosby Fenniman (400 IM, 1000 free)
  • Kipton Fenniman (500 free)
  • Eva Gudeman (100 back, 500 free)
  • Brody Haefner (50/200 free, 50/100 breast, 100 IM)
  • Allison Halsell (50 breast)
  • Elijah Hickey (50 fly, 50 back, 50 free)
  • Sean McFadden (100 back)
  • Cher Patrick (1000 free)
  • Aspen Ralys (50/100 breast)
  • Dahee Seo (500 free)
  • Gabriel Vazquez (100/200 breast, 200 IM)
  • Ava Wise (25 breast)
  • Carson Wise (50 breast, 50 free, 200 IM)


Finishing in 2nd or 3rd place in at least one event (in addition to the above) were:

  • Brennan Dickey (100 Breast)
  • Peter Dunkerley (100/200 free)
  • Taber Granquist (100/200/500 free, 100/200 back)
  • Fiona Haefner (100/500 free)
  • Jaiden Harvey (25 breast, 25/50 back)
  • Kaylee Jones (100/200 back)
  • William King (100 fly)
  • Benjamin Kjellin (25/50/100 free)
  • Iris Lee (100 breast)
  • Amelia Marquardt (500 free)
  • Katy Mcbride (50 fly, 50 free)
  • Case Moore (100 breast)
  • Cassidee Moore (100 breast)
  • Solomon Osborne (50/100 free, 50 breast)
  • Kerri Outten (50 fly, 50 free)
  • Reagan Owen (200/500 free, 100/200 IM, 100 back, 100 breast)
  • Alex Pierce (25 free, 25 fly)
  • Max Puller (100 back)
  • Adley Ralys (25 fly)
  • Emmaline Smith (50/100 free, 100 back, 100 IM, 100 breast, 50 fly)
  • Lewis Stringfellow (50/100 free, 100 back)
  • McKay Yearty (100 free)


With so many younger swimmers racing in their first meet of the season, we were bound to have many vying for the Biggest Loser” title! Your Top Three per gender are:

Girls                                                                   Boys

Raelee Wonsch; -40.62s, 100 IM                      Taber Granquist; -36.99s, 100 breast

Kelsey Peterson; -14.54s, 100 IM                     Peter Dunkerley; -20.55s, 200 free

Carson Wise; -14.46s, 200 IM                           Crosby Fenniman; -19.60s, 200 breast


And your overall Doctor Who” is:

  • Kurt Savage; -49.91s, 100 free


A big thank you to all our Officials, Boosters, Volunteers, and staff at the Wade Wehunt Aquatic Facility for setting up and running a great meet!

First; a special thanks to our computer operators for keeping things moving while under stress!

Secondly, thanks to all the ATAC parents that signed up to start the process of becoming a US Swimming Stroke and Turn Official!  We look forward to seeing you on deck in your dress blue & white!

Lastly, there is still time to sign up for the always fun Dothan Peanut Invitational! Get your entry in today!

ATAC Coaches