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ATAC Warriors Superlative at the 2021 Speedo GSC Holiday Classic!

Coach Peter Hegwein

2021 Speedo GSC Holiday Classic

After a two-year absence, the Gator Holiday Classic returned to the storied waters of the O’Connell Center at the University of Florida, and by all accounts, this year’s edition was one of the fastest ever!

Your ATAC Warriors took to heart the words of Sophocles; “Success is dependent on effort,” with great preparation at practice and ultimately off the blocks! It all came together with many outstanding swims!

Earning a Futures (FUT) cut was Riley McFadden (200 Back).

Garnering new Southern Sectionals (SZSS) cuts were:

  • Nathan Castano (200 Fly)
  • Owen Ekk (200/500 Free, 100 Breast, 100 Back, 200 IM)
  • Benjamin Hodge (400 IM)

Picking up Florida Senior Championship cuts (FLSR) were:

  • Nathan Castano (100/200 Free)
  • Crosby Fenniman (1650 Free)
  • Taber Granquist (200 Fly)
  • William King (50/100 Free, 100 Back)
  • Riley McFadden (500 Free)
  • Shelby Pautsch (500 Free)
  • Dahee Seo (100 Back)

Posting new Florida Age Group Championship (FLAG) cuts were:

  • Jake Askey (50/200/500 Free, 100 Back, 100 Breast)
  • Chapman Higdon (50/100 Free, 50 Back)
  • Kaylee Jones (500 Free)
  • Reagan Owen (200 Free)

Swimming 100% Best Times were:

Jake Askey, Owen Ekk, Crosby Fenniman, Taber Granquist, William King, Reagan Owen, and Dalton Von Hertsenberg.

Note: The Team as a whole was 80% best times!

Our lone Gold Medalist was Owen Ekk in the 13-14 boys 200 IM!

Taking the Silver or Bronze Medal were:

  • Nathan Castano (2nd; 100 Fly, 100 Back)
  • Owen Ekk (2nd; 200/500 Free) (3rd; 100 Free, 100/200 Back)
  • Riley McFadden (2nd; 100 Back) (3rd; 200 Back)
  • Cher Patrick (3rd; 500 Free)


Finishing among the Top Eight in at least one event were:

  • Jake Askey (100 Breast)
  • Ethan Bass (1650 Free)
  • Nathan Castano (400 IM)
  • Owen Ekk (100 Breast)
  • Crosby Fenniman (1650 Free)
  • Kipton Fenniman (50/100/200 Breast, 200 IM)
  • Chapman Higdon (100 Fly)
  • Ben Hodge (200 Fly)
  • Margaret Howell (400 IM, 500/1650 Free)
  • Riley McFadden (500 Free)
  • Cher Patrick (1650 Free)
  • Shelby Pautsch (500 Free, 100 Back)
  • Aspen Ralys (50 Breast)
  • Dahee Seo (200 Back)
  • Gabe Vazquez (100/200 Breast)
  • Carly White (200 Back, 200 Breast)


There were more than the usual number of contestants for the “Biggest Loser” accolade, a tribute to how well everyone swam!

Girls                                                            Boys

Shelby Pautsch, -14.99s, 500 Free                Jake Askey, -22.62s, 500 Free

Kaylee Jones, -14.11s, 500 Free                    Ethan Bass, -14.70s, 1650 Free

Riley McFadden, -9.04s, 500 Free                 Nathan Castano, -9.18s, 400 IM


And your “Big Kahuna” for the meet was…

  • Crosby Fenniman, -52.07s, 1650 Free!

Thanks to all for a great outing in Gainesville! Despite the traffic, chlorine, and noise, everything ran smoothly, especially with the help of our officials that volunteered!

Next up is the Annual Red/Green Holiday Meet at Myers Park on December 18th! Please take a moment to sign up for this always fun competition amongst teammates!

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