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ATAC League Swimming  

Competitive Swimming is to be FUN… It’s a sport… A youth sports program is to be an activity that children should benefit from socially, physically, emotionally and yes, even competitively. It is not mandatory, however, that ATAC swimmers actually compete in Swim Meets, but the experience is a great opportunity for growth and maturity in dealing with "In Pursuit of Excellence".

ATAC swims year round but, we understand not everyone is ready to commit to this. So, ATAC offers seasonal LEAGUES that emphasizes all the basic mechanics and training that goes into a total program offering.

The League Seasons run for 8-10 weeks and are generally as follows:




March, April, May


June, July


August, September, October

Winter 2022

November, December, January, February, March

ATAC is a TEAM, but each individual makes up the team. The League coaching staff endeavors to work with each individual’s strengths and weaknesses in a positive reinforcing format to insure that each swimmer has as many "Successful Experiences" as possible. Winning races and "Best Times" are only a part of the type of successful experiences ATAC promotes. Making friends, doing your best, working together, and improving in some way are all experiences that provide a "Successful Experience".



Come on out and be a part of one of the most successful Swim Teams in the Southeast. Please take the time to review more of this website for more information about what we do as a TEAM.