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FAQ: Meets

A lot of what you want to know about swim meets . . . But Were Afraid to Ask.

Hopefully most of your questions are answered here, but if not please talk to your coach or the office staff or another swim parent. Everyone is more than happy to answer questions. If you have suggestions for additions to this list, please email [email protected].


Q. Why attend meets?

A. Meets are fun! It is a great opportunity to bond with teammates and have fun! It lets swimmers measure progress and see the rewards for working hard in practice. Meets provide an opportunity for swimmers to understand how their coaches, teammates, friends, and family help contribute to their success. It also gives coaches an opportunity to see where they excelled and where they need more or different instruction. Meets reinforce all the information swimmers learn in practice. Did we mention Meets are fun!

Q. Is my swimmer ready for meets?

A. YES! We have meets of all levels and some meets are specifically for brand new swimmers. Talk to your coaches if you are unsure.

Q. How do we know what meets to attend?

A. In the MEETS/EVENTS > MEET SCHEDULE section of there is a list of upcoming meets. Look in the column for your swimmer's practice group and the meets for your swimmer will be denoted by an 'X'. Talk to your swimmer's coach if you have any questions.

Q. How do we sign up for meets?

A. Go to the home page of and locate the Upcoming Events section. To view details about a meet, click on the meet title. Meet information is updated as it becomes available. Information is constantly updated and added right up to the end of the meet. The hotel the coaches are staying at is listed and most of the team stays at the same hotel.

To sign your swimmer(s) up for a swim meet you must have a credit card or bank account on file at Click here for details on entering your payment information

Prior to a meet, parents will receive an email with event information. Included in the information will be the date, time, location, required entry fee, order of events, entry deadline, and any special information about the meet (i.e. qualifying times, event limits, etc.) All entries for swim meets are done online through Click on the Attend/Decline button under the meet, click "yes" to attend and then select individual events. Please carefully read the "swimmer notes" to verify the number of events that can be entered. Click Save to exit.  View the ATAC YouTube video for signing up for meets.

Q. What events should my swimmer enter?

A. Ask them what they want to swim (remember swimming is FUN!) Ask the coaches if you are unsure.

Q. What do we bring to a meet?

A. Everything. Prepare for the unexpected

Extra Towels, Extra suit, Extra goggles (tinted if swimming outside), Parka, Sunscreen, Cash, Healthy snacks, Water, Chairs, Pop-up tents (if allowed), Extra dry clothes, Sharpie, entertainment for swimmers.

Q. What does my swimmer need to wear?

A. An ATAC Swim Cap, ATAC T-Shirt (optional but highly suggested), comfortable swim suit.

Q. When do we arrive at the pool? Where is the pool? What color ATAC shirt do I wear? How do I know when my child is swimming?

A. An itinerary will be sent out by email a day or so before a meet with all the details. You will also get an email with a Heat Sheet that lists all the events and heats and lane assignments. Download it to your mobile device and/or print a paper copy.

Q. What do we do when we get to the pool?

A. Find your teammates and set up and find your swimmer's coach(es) PRIOR to the warm-up time listed in the itinerary.

Q. What do parents do?

A. Support your swimmer and the team. Offer to help by timing, become an official, be a positive representative of ATAC. Make sure your swimmer is ready for their events. Most important DO NOT COACH YOUR SWIMMER(S)! Let the coach be the coach and you be the positive parent.

Q. How do I get my swimmer ready?

A. Prior the meet: Make sure they know what event they are in. Mark their arms or legs with a Sharpie listing the event, heat and lane assignments. (Remember that Heat Sheet talked about a few questions ago?) 

During the meet: Make sure your swimmers listen to their coaches and warm up before their events and warm down after their events. Make sure your swimmer sees their coach before and after each event. Keep them hydrated (NO SODA) and have them eat healthy. If you have questions about food, talk to the coaches. Remind your swimmer to show support by cheering for their teammates.