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Swim Meet Information

Meet Schedule

Each season’s meet schedule is available at the beginning of the season. Swimmers are encouraged to compete in a meet once every three or four weeks. However, it is not mandatory to attend all the meets offered. Pick the meets your swimmer will attend based on the classifications and your swimmer’s level of achievement. There will be a few meets designated as “TEAM” meets and these will take precedence over the other competitions. Each meet listed has indicators (x) for swimming groups that should make every attempt to attend.

Types of Meets

League Meets:

The ATAC League has been set up to promote greater participation and opportunity for competition through a series of local meets. Each swimmer receives a ribbon for their place of finish or in recognition of a “Best Time”. These often serve as an introduction to competitive swimming and are scheduled primarily during the Summer.


These meets are held locally to assist the swimmer in gaining experience and assessing how well they are developing their skills acquired during practice. Other teams may attend.


These are meets in which the swimmers and clubs are invited by the host team. Invitationals are for our more experienced swimmers to measure their progress against equally strong swimmers representing other USA swim teams.


These meets, generally held for the State or Region, require performance standards and attract national caliber swimmers. Qualifying times for these meets may range from “B” times to “AA” times and sometimes even faster. Examples of these meets include Florida Age Group Championships (FLAGS), Senior Championship, Junior and Senior Nationals and the Sunshine State Games.

How We Compete

Swimmers compete in age groups separated by gender. When you see "U" as in 10&U, it means "under" as in swimmers 10 years-old and under (younger) may compete in that event. At meets, we compete in heats because we only use eight lanes at a time. If we have sixteen 10&U girls who want to swim the 50 freestyle, we can only have eight of them swim at a time. The first eight will swim in heat one, the second eight will swim in heat two.

Heat Sheets

A "Heat Sheet" is the swimming term for a program. It lists all of the events and who is swimming in each event. It also shows the heat, lane, age and current time for that swimmer. By looking at the heat sheet (it takes some time to learn how to read it) your coach can tell your swimmer "You are in event #3, 25 Freestyle, Heat 2, Lane 4, your old time was 27.5 seconds, let’s try to get a best time today!"

What to Bring to Meets

ATAC team suit, ATAC team cap and your favorite pair of goggles. ATAC Team uniform shirts At least TWO towels (they get soaking wet) Sunscreen, possibly a hat and light clothing to hide from the sun and chairs parents Small snacks (grapes, teddy grahams, granola bar) and lots of fluids (water, sports drink) A highlighter to highlight your name in the heat sheet and pen/maker Always, always, always have extras of EVERYTHING because you just never know!

Meet Procedure

First and foremost, show up ON TIME for warm-up. Swimmers who show up late are often disoriented and overwhelmed with everything that’s going on and at the site of so many swimmers in the pool! You may also miss some important announcements, stretches, and key points to warm-up that could have you swim faster later in the day.

When you get to the pool, look around to see where your team is sitting and go sit with them. Make sure you’re all settled and ready to go when your coach calls your group. We usually stretch in our groups, swim a short warm-up (just a few laps) and practice some dives. After warm-up you have some time to sit with your team or talk to your coach about your races. Find a heat sheet and highlight your name!

The starters will call for volunteers just before the meet begins. We need a total of 16 timers in order to run a meet (two per lane). Swim meets are not possible without the help of our parent volunteers so please help if you can (both for in-town and out-of-town meets)! It’s an easy job and you get a front row seat to the action!

Your coach will let you know where you should be throughout the meet. It’s usually best to stay in the area where the rest of the team is sitting. You are responsible for making it to the starting block on time on your own. However, your coaches will be around the pool deck to guide you and it’s always a good idea to talk to your coach before and after your race.

Before you leave ask if you are on a relay! We want all swimmers to participate in relays if possible – they add points for the team and create a great TEAM experience! If you are places on a relay and leave early, the other three swimmers in your relay can’t swim their race.

Meet Etiquette for Parents

Support your swimmer. We can’t express that enough! They are doing the best they can and they’re trying they’re hardest to please everyone! Sometimes it’s hard, but let the coaches do the coaching while you give the love and support. If you have questions or concerns about your swimmer’s race feel free to talk to his or her coach about it and we’ll work together to figure things out. Support other swimmers. Every swimmer out there loves to hear a positive comment from someone other than their parent and coach – it means someone new noticed how great they are! Volunteer. Again, meets are not possible without parent volunteers – if your swimmer is comfortable at meets, please volunteer to time – you can still watch them swim!

Meet Etiquette for Swimmers

Support your fellow teammates. Cheer for them and they will cheer for you – show everyone how proud you are to be a part of ATAC and to have these swimmers as your teammates! Support swimmers from other teams. A mature swimmer congratulates other swimmers after a race, no matter who won. We want other teams to recognize the excellent sportsmanship ATAC promotes and we want them also to be able to say "Wow, those ATAC swimmers are not only fast, they’re nice too!" Swim in relays. Relays are a chance for everyone to swim together as a team – they are important and a lot of fun! See your coach. Talk to your coach before and after each race. We are there for you and just might have some useful things to say. Thank your parents. Your parents woke up awfully early to drive you to a meet and then sat in the sun all day, just for you. Say thank you!

Swim Meet Attire

We would like to see all ATAC swimmers wearing ATAC apparel. When you are in the water, we want everyone to know what team you swim for! ALL swimmers must wear ATAC caps available at the ATAC Shack Spirit Store. ATAC t-shirts are also available at the ATAC Shack Spirit Store. Also, team branded items can be purchased at
Tip: Wear your ATAC caps to practice and save them for swim meets only.
At Meets, our T-shirt colors are: FRIDAYS (Gold), SATURDAYS (Maroon), SUNDAYS (White). Of course, if you don't have but one shirt, that's the shirt to wear!


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