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ATAC Alumni Competing in College

In pursuit of excellence, some ATAC alumni have continued their swimming careers at the college varsity level. (The following list is not complete.)


Current College Swimmers

Kealyn Bowie - Brown University

Rafi Chambasian - Nova Southeastern University

Emily Chorpening - Colorado State University

Collin Dillard - Berry College

Marcia Shaw - University of North Florida

Davis Shelton - Emory University

Madelyn York - University of North Florida


Former College Swimmers

Brittany Allen - Western Kentucky

Makayla Ayers - University of Tampa

Morgan Ayers - University of West Florida

Delaney Barnard - Indiana University

Megan Bartlett - Mars Hill College

James Bowen – University of Georgia

Alec Bowie - Cleveland State University

Anja Buehner- Florida State University

Mauricio Calderon - University of Tampa

Hannah Capers – Drury University

Kyndall Cardoso - University of West Florida

Carly Cavalieri- Florida State University

Brandon Chason - Florida State University

Sara-Kellett Clark - University of Tampa

Allison Cottle - Davidson College

Cattie Cottle- University of Chicago

Josh Cottle - Grinnell College

Savanah Crutchfield - University of South Carolina

Maggie Davis - Thomas University

Alex Dehner – University of Florida

Patrick Dix – Florida Atlantic University

Shawn Erickson - Florida State University

Wyatt Foote - Air Force Academy

Cole Forbes - University of Tampa

Scott Fortier – University of Alabama

Charlie Gallagher - University of Chicago

Kyle Goller - Thomas University

Amanda Hartley - University of Florida

Marshall Hendlin – Ithaca College

Hunter Hinson - University of Alabama

Sapphire Hinson - University of North Florida

Christopher Holmes - Lindenwood University

Stephanie Holmes - Florida State University

Saige Kemeny - Youngstown State

Claire Kercheval-Roig - University of Pennsylvania

Olivia Kercheval-Roig - University of Denver

Emma Layton - University of North Carolina

James Lemaire – Thomas University

Wes Lind – University of Tampa

Ali Lombardi - University of Tampa

Lia Lombardi – University of Pennsylvania

John Mottice – Wheaton College

Alex Merritt - Auburn University

Chris Norris -  Nova Southeastern University

Madison Osterlund – Thomas University

Lauren Peavy - Florida State University

Cristina Pereda - Campbell University

Danielle Pereda - Converse College

Riley Ralston-Crandall - Thomas University

Spencer Rausch - Florida State University

Jordan Ray - University of Nebraska Kearney

Mary Noel Rudolph -  Indian River State College

Virginia Russell - San Jose State University

Emillie Rutkowski - Converse College

Sydney Simpson – Seton Hall

Eric Shresthra - University of Florida

Walker Snowden – SUNY Oswego

Sierra Spark – Indian River Community College

Anthony Stephens – University of Mary Washington

Tara Stevens - Ashland University

Ryland Sun - Florida State University

Savannah Sutherland - Westminster College

Sam Tabacchi - Thomas University

Lauren Thompson - Thomas University

Cece Williams – University of Virginia

Kelly Wyman – University of Arizona

Alyssa Yambor-Maul – University of Florida

John Yambor-Maul - Florida State University

Joe Ziegler - University of Alabama