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See the Registration guide for step by step instructions

Q:  My child knows how to swim, but doesn’t know the strokes. Does he/she need swimming lessons?

A:  The coaches will work with the swimmers on learning stroke technique, but lessons are available for more individualized instruction. 

 Q:  Can my child sign up for the swim team and not swim the meets?

We really would like for all swimmers to participate in meets, but understand that schedule conflicts do arise. Dual meets are a great way to introduce your swimmer to the meet format in a fun way. They are low stress and all swimmers get to swim two strokes and one relay.

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Volunteer Information 

Q:  How do I sign up for my volunteer slots?

A:  Under the "events tab", all events will be listed.  Click on "job sign up" to volunteer

Q:  How can I see on the website what I have volunteered for?

A:  Go to the Events tab.  Click on "Reports" Choose job signup for My Account and enter your start and end date and click search. You will see a report showing all of your volunteer positions.

Q.  What if I have signed up to volunteer, but I am no longer able to attend?

A.  You will be required to find a substitute.  You may find one yourself using the member directory, or contact the volunteer administrator.

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Billing Questions

Q.  At registration, I used my credit card to pay for my fees.  Will my card be automatically charged for any ongoing fees during the season?

A:  No, you will have to set up auto pay to record your credit card number again.  Once this is done, your card will be charged on the first of the month any amounts owing at that time.  To set up autopay, look under "My Account" on the left side of the home screen and click on "Setup Auto Pay" and follow the easy steps.

Q.  How am I billed for my additional fees such as swim meet entries?

A:  On the 1st of each month, an invoice is generated for each swimming family.  A link is emailed to you that allows you to see your specific charges and payments received.  You must log into the website in order to view your account.

Q.  What does it mean when I receive an invoice email notification that says I have a balance due?

A:  This means that your BAT account had charges posted since the previous invoice and that you need to make a payment.  If you have autopay set up, this amount will automatically be charged to your credit card on the first of the month.  If you pay by check, then please mail a check as soon as possible, or put it in the treasurer folder at the pool.  You will receive a statement 1 week prior to the end of the month so you can review it before it is charged to your credit card on the 1st of the month.  This will give you time to contact the treasurer if there are any problems with the invoice.  Please note, however, that the system collects all amounts up to the end of the month, so it is a good idea to review your account online on a regular basis.  If you are paying by check, the amount is due by the 15th of the following month.

Q:  Who do I contact if I have questions about my invoice?

A:  Please contact the treasurer with any questions.

Q:  Where can I see the detailed charges on my account?

A:  After you've logged on, go to "$ My Invoice/Payment" tab.  Under this tab, you can see current and past invoices and all payments you've made.  You also can see any currently posted charges that haven't yet been invoiced by going to "My account" tab

Q:  We have already registered but have decided not to swim.  Can I get a refund?

A:  Unfortunately, all fees are non refundable. 

Q:  I have signed up for a swim meet, but I am unable to attend.  Can I get a refund on my meet entry fees?

A:  Unfortunately, there is no refund on meet entry fees.  The team must submit payment to the host club whether or not a swimmer shows up for the meet.

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Using the Website 

Q:  Can I change my password?

A:  Yes.  After you sign in, click on "change Password"

Q:  How can I change my email address or other contact information?

A:  After signing in , Click on "My Account" and change your personal information.  Make sure to click "save" at the bottom when you are done.

Q:  Do I need a username/password for each family member?

A:  No.  Membership is set up as ONE ACCOUNT per family.  A family account can cover multiple swimmers in that family

Q:  Sometimes, some of the choices on the top navigation bar of the website are missing.  How do I see them?

A:  Some parts of the website are visible only after you sign-in.

Q:  How can I get a member directory:

A:  First, you must sign in with your member name and password.  Then, click the "members" tab under the main navigation bar.  This will take you to the Member search page.  here you can look up individual members or groups.  Swimmer names, parent names, street address, email address and home phone numbers are visible for all members who have not indicated a preference under "My Account" to not be in the directory.  To be removed from the directory, select "no, I do not want to participate" in the "Member Search" box.  Note that if you are not in the directory you also can not see a directory of others.

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Entering Swim Meets 

Q:  How do I know when and where the meets are?

A:  All meets will be listed in the "Events" tab.  They will also be viewable in the "Calendar" tab.

Q:  Do I need to sign- up ahead of time for the meets?

A:  Yes, you must sign up for all the meets, including some dual meets.  Under the "Events" tab, scroll down to a particular meet and you will see a "sign up" tab for the meet.  Follow the directions for sign up.  If you do not see a "sign up" button, it means that particular meet is not turned on yet.  Usually a meet is "turned on" a week or two before the event.

Q:  Will I be able to select my events for the meets?

A:  Yes and no!  For the dual meets, you will simply be indicating whether or not you will be attending.  The coaches will determine which strokes will be swum at the meet.  For all other meets, you will be given the option to select your events and days.  Simply follow the directions after you select "sign up" for a particular event.

Q:  Where do entry times come from? Can I submit alternate entry times?

A:  Entry times are generally a swimmer's fastest legal time in an event recorded in our database.  A swimmer who does not have a time in an event may be entered by the coach with no-time, or a time estimate from a similar event or practice.  If you have alternate times for the coach to consider, include them in the "notes" section when you are signing up for a meet.

Q:  How do I know that my meet entries are accepted?

A:  When you select your child's desired events at a meet, they will have a status of "committed".  Coaches will review, update and finalize all entries after the entry deadline.  Once this process is completed, each swimmer's status will change to "approved" typically within a few days of the entry deadline.

Q:  How do I pay my meet fees?

A:  Meet entry fees will be automatically added to your account balance and will be included in your next month's bill.  There is NOT a fee for dual meets.  The fee for all other meets will be dependent on the number of events selected and the fees will be listed as you select your events.

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Practice Information

Q:  What are the practice times for the different age groups?

A:  Go to practice schedule to see times

Q:  Am I able to pay for my child to practice with the team, but not compete?

A:  You are able to do that although much of the fun is in competing. The fees, however, stay the same.

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Q:  Is my swimmer required to wear a team suit?

A:  The suit is not mandatory, but is encouraged.  

Q:  Do I need to wear a cap?

A: No, a cap is not mandatory.  However, when wearing a cap in a meet it must be a BAT cap

Q:  Is there other "BAT" apparel that I can purchase for my swimmer?

A:  Each registered swimmer recieves a team T-shirt. Additional T-shirts are available for you to purchase to support the team!

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