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Welcome all new families to BAT.  We want to be available to answer all of your questions and make you and your swimmer feel right at home!  Please read the information on the website. If you still have questions, please contact us at any time.


Important Information for New Family Registration:

Please read the information below     

Please read the Registration Guide

Go to Online Registration now to register

NEW swimmers must provide a copy of their birth certificate.  This must be received before their registration can be processed.  After you complete the online registration you e-mail a copy of the birth certificate to Sara Berglund ([email protected]) or bring a copy of the birth certificate to the first practice.

A swimmer is also not registered until full payment is received. Please pay by credit with our secure online credit system.


The 2022 Swim Team Practice Begins on Monday, April 4th

Below you will find information to help new families understand how swim season "works"! The following headings are discussed:

Swim Practice

Swim Meets

What to do at the meet

When you arrive at the meet



Swim Practice

  • Swim team practice is available every weekday in the summertime and M-Th beginning Monday, April 4th. Practices are in the afternoon for the remainder of the school year, and begin in the morning during the summer. Please check the practice schedule under the schedules tab for a detailed summary of practice times.  Practice times are arranged by age groups. Times vary throughout the summer.
  • Your child will need to bring goggles, a swim cap (optional) and a towel to each practice. Sometimes the coaches like to do “Dry Land” workouts, which may require tennis shoes/sneakers.
  • It is important to be on time for practice and ready to swim with goggles and caps on so that your swimmer will have the advantage for a proper warm-up time.
  • Apply sunscreen to your child before practice and administer eardrops after practice if you so desire. They are over the counter and help dry out the ears and prevent infection (i.e. Swimmer’s ear)
  • Be sure to review the website regularly and check your folder every-time you attend practice.

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Swim Meets

  • There are generally three types of swim meets; Dual meets, Championship meets and Invitational meets.

Dual Meets

  • Dual meets are practice for the championship meets. It is when our team swims against one other team. They can be located either at our home pool or at our opponent’s location. These meets are important to attend because it gives your swimmer an opportunity to get accustomed to swimming in meets, a chance to have their swim recorded and logged to see improvements, while at the same time creates camaraderie within our team.
  • During most dual meets, swimmers will usually swim at least 2 individual events and 1 relay event. The hosting coaches choose the events that the swimmers will be swimming.
  • Warm-ups typically begin at 5:00 p.m. for the visiting team and 5:30 p.m. for the home team with the meet starting at 6:00 p.m.  Again this is a general guideline –ALWAYS BE SURE TO CONFIRM MEET WARM-UP AND START TIME.
  • Be sure to arrive before the start of warm-up.  This promptness will also ensure adequate time for the swimmer to adjust to the opposing team’s pool and get the proper amount of time to warm –up, which will help eliminate injuries such as muscle strains.

Championship Meets

  • Championship meets are important to attend. These are “team” meets where our team’s combined score could qualify us for a trophy. These meets are large and more formal. There are many teams participating. Swimmers can be disqualified due to incorrect technique of starts, strokes, turns and finishes. If your Swimmers receive 1st – 16th place or are identified as an alternate, you will need to come back in the afternoon/evening to swim in the finals. (1st – 8th swim together and 9th – 16th swim together and the alternates substitute for “no show” swimmers.) 
  • The 6 & Under swimmers may have a separate schedule from the other swimmers. In the past, it has been on Sunday afternoon and are timed finals.  6 & Under swimmers do not come back for finals. Please pay attention to the events tab on the website to ensure your swimmer is present at the appropriate times.

Invitational Meets

  • Invitational meets are similar to championship meets. They are also large, more formal and swimmers can be disqualified. Our team is “Invited” to attend these meets. There are usually no separate finals event like in the championship meets. The events are “timed finals” which means that they only need to swim once to determine placing. These meets are usually split into 2 sessions (morning/afternoon) based on age group.

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When going to any meet, bring the following:

  • Goggles (extra pair, if possible)
  • Swim Cap (girls should have them, some boys like them) must be a BAT cap.
  • Towel(s)
  • Permanent marker and highlighter for heat sheet
  • Snacks (usually available for purchase at a snack bar; some locations do not allow coolers)
  • Bottle of Water or Sport drink
  • Shoes that can get wet and easily slip off when ready to swim
  • Folding chairs for both you and your swimmer (s)
  • Championship Meets: Highlighter, pen (for heat sheets) and permanent marker for writing heat/lane information on the swimmers arm (Heat sheets are usually available to print out a few days before the meet.)
  • Activities your child can do to pass time between heats. You are responsible for these items.
  • Wear your BAT apparel; show off that team spirit.

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  • Check you swimmers(s) in with the coaches (Away) or check in person (Home). Make sure they get to their warm up area. Younger children (6 & Under and 8 & Under groups) will have designated areas to sit and chaperones to assist them. Be sure your younger child has been identified by their chaperone.
  • Find yourself a place to set up your chairs. There is usually a BAT team area. You can find it by looking for people wearing BAT T-shirts. A heat sheet is useful so that you know when and what lane your child will swim. Heat sheets can be printed out from home a few days before the meet. Chaperones will write event #, heat/lane information on your swimmers arm, so they will be sure which heat/lane they are in.
  • After warm-ups, the meets usually progress by gender, event and age group. Girl’s events will always be odd numbered and boy’s events will always be even numbered. Most large meets will have scoreboards that have the event number listed. 
  • The events are separated into what they call “heats”.  Each “heat” is comprised of the number of swimmers for which there are lanes available. There will be multiple heats for each event.
  • Relay Teams are chosen based on Coaches discretion. Be sure to check with the coach before you leave a meet because your swimmer may be in a relay.

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  • Awards are presented as follows:
  • Dual Meets
  • Usually top 6 in both individual and relay events are given ribbons.
  1. During meets, ribbons will be awarded for each heat (1st – 6th) of all events
  2. PAL meets; ribbons will be awarded for overall 1st – 6th place winners of each event. “Heat winners” ribbons are also usually handed out to the 1st place swimmer of each heat (Ages 12& Under)
  3. Some meets do not give out ribbons, so please prepare your children so they aren’t disappointed.
  • Championship and Invitational Meets
  • Awards vary for these meets. Places can be awarded up to 16th place, although some do not go that high. Sometimes medals are awarded for the top 3 finishers of an event.  There are trophies at both the team level and the individual level that are earned by scoring points. Points are accumulated when swimmers place on each event.
  • BAT Awards
  • At the end of the season we will have an awards banquet. This is a fun event for our swim team families. Swimmers who have participatedin meets throughout the season will receive a participation trophy. High point trophies will be awarded to the girl and boy in each age group that earned the most points throughout the season. Points are only awarded at Invitational and Championship meets. No relay points are awarded to individuals.

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