Florida Swimming


 Swim season begins Monday, April 4th at Seminole High Pool
(located next to Seminole Middle.)



BAT Juniors

Swimmers aged 6 years and younger focus on learning freestyle and backstroke. Coaches work to help the swimmers build confidence and improve technique while having fun. Swimmers in this group will be introduced to competition when the time is right.



Elementary age swimmers focus on learning the four legal competitive strokes, starts, and turns.  Continue to build confidence, strength, endurance, and a solid foundation of good workout and competition habits.



Continue to build on the foundation four legal strokes and turns for upper elementary and middle school swimmers. Workouts, at this level, are based on sets and intervals. Swimmers are encouraged to begin tracking their times to measure progress.


BAT Seniors

This group is designed to challenge and advance the skills of upper middle and high school swimmers and those who have been promoted from BAT II. This group offers conditioning for high school season with the competition and fun of summer league.


Practice schedule during school (April 4 - May 27)

BAT Juniors: All 6 & under swimmers are required to tryout before registering.
Tryouts will be held on APRIL 5th at 3pm at the Seminole High School Pool
(located next to Seminole Middle.) The swimmer should be able to swim freestyle unassisted for 25 yards and at least 15 yards unassisted on their back.

Practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays 4-4:30pm

BAT 1: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4-4:45pm

BAT 2: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 4:45-5:30pm
BAT Seniors: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 5:00-600pm




Summer Practice Schedule (Beginning May 31)

BAT Juniors: Mondays thru Thursdays 10-10:30am

BAT 1: Mondays thru Thursdays 9:30-10:30am

BAT 2: Mondays thru Thursdays 8.30-10:00am

BAT Seniors: Mondays thru Thursdays 7.30-9:00am 


June 3      8-9:30am     Beach workout and swim for BAT II and BAT Seniors only.
                                                   Meet in the parking lot of Redington Shores Beach - 18200 Gulf Blvd. 


June 10   9:30-10:30am   BAT II, BAT I & BAT Juniors meet at Walsingham Park.
                                                       No swim suits needed. Athletic shoes and lightweight shorts and t-shirts.
                                                       Bring water bottle and wear sunscreen.
                                                       Swimmers may bring their bike and helmet (especially younger ones) as
                                                      we will be doing a bike / run on the trail and then allowing some time for
                                                      the kids to play on the playground. Will need a few parents will to be bike,
                                                      jog or walk with small groups of kids and / or be stationed on the trail. If   
                                                     you enter the park from 102nd Ave, make a left over the bridge and we will
                                                     meet in the parking lot. 
June 17      8-9:30am      Beach workout and swim for BAT II and BAT Seniors only.
                         8-9:30am         Beach workout and swim for BAT I    
                                                   Meet in the parking lot of Redington Shores Beach - 18200 Gulf Blvd.