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Bolles Swimming March 26th Update

Peter Verhoef

Bolles Swimming Families,

For almost everyone school has resumed either online or remotely or as homeschool - or some combinations of all of them!  As a parent now working to navigate my pre-k child’s online learning plan – this experience continues to challenge us in ways that we didn’t expect!  I know for myself and our staff it is helping me to understand what communications work well and how we can better serve our families.

At this point we do not have any further updates to our April 15th date to resume activities.  This is of course subject to change based on government regulation, best health practices, and Bolles School leadership.  We understand that like many things, uncertainty can be challenging, our staff continues to meet virtually to 1. Improve our coaching abilities and 2. Plan ahead for how we can best re-launch into swimming.  Rest assured we will have a plan and a program to keep all of our swimmers movin’ on up! For now keep up with practices on our Closed Campus Resources Page.

Mrs. Carole sent an email yesterday that your updated account billing will occur on April 1 without coaching fees.  Any meet fees or other non-recurring expenses will be billed as those are fixed costs to the club. We are currently working on an interim financial plan with regards to billing.  Our priorities are to support our two most valuable resources: our membership and our coaching staff. We are exploring several options with our Bolles administration which has been immensely supportive.  We expect to be transparent with these next steps when we know them before May 1st.

Since Tuesday, the biggest announcement worldwide has been the postponement of the 2020 Tokyo games.  While this likely does not directly effect most of our club, there are a couple of immediate impacts:

  • We will have one more year for athletes close to the Olympic Trials standard to reach for that goal, and likewise our international swimmers to be selected to their Olympic teams – what an opportunity!!
  • There will be a trickle down effect of swim meets in the US, starting with national level meets that will be a focus in late summer, to regional meets (Futures, Sectionals) being re-vamped, to LSC meets (FLAGS, Senior Champs, Area 1-4) being adapted to fit a new summer season.  We will not know the extent of these changes for several weeks or until we know that large gatherings are possible.  We will update all families with updated competition schedules once we reach that point.

I have gotten several questions about the Lobrano pool construction and re-naming project.  As of right now construction is still scheduled to begin April 6th and a big part of that process is permitting - as of now is an ‘essential’ government business and is open.  We will update everyone as we know more, but we are hoping to get this started while we are away from the pool.  Once we return to the pool we have added a couple new features: the Uible pool house restrooms now have doorways on the pool deck and a water bottle fill station has been added in the breezeway at the office entrance to the pool.  This means swimmers will not need to ‘run around the fence’ to reach the restrooms or get water.

We are working to ramp up our social media activity as a club over the next few weeks as an effort to stay connected with everyone.  Be on the lookout for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter updates!  Be sure to tag Bolles if you are posting about anything that can be exciting to a teammate!

As the Olympics have been postponed, we felt maybe we should share a few magical Olympic moments for some inspiration this week.  Setup your apple TV or Google Chromecast and watch these races on the big screen!

Maya DiRado’s Magical Gold Medal Swim in Rio

“Behind the scenes” of the men’s 4x100 Free Relay Rio Gold (and Ryan Held’s priceless reaction and the Underwater footage – watch and learn!)

Bolles Alumni and current UF Coach Anthony Nesty’s Gold Medal touch out!

Simone Manuel’s surprise 100m Free Gold in Rio

The “Best Relay Ever” from London

 Bolles Alum Ryan Murphy’s first Olympic Gold


Cheers and stay safe!

Coach Peter and the Bolles Coaching Staff