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Bolles Adds Two New Coaches to Staff

Peter Verhoef

Bolles will add two coaches to the staff as we begin the 2021-22 season.  Please welcome coaches Ryan Mallam and Jake Gibbons to the deck!

We are excited to officially announce the hire of Coach Ryan Mallam to the Bolles coaching staff!  Coach Ryan will be joining our staff as a lead senior coach for our Bolles student-athletes, working directly with our National Prep group and as all our coaches do – connecting and coaching our whole team.  Personally, I am most excited about bringing Coach Ryan’s swimming wisdom to our team.  Throughout his career Coach Ryan has been celebrated as a great technician and has worked with some of the best (literally) coaches and athletes in the world including Brad Tandy (South Africa) and Micheal Phelps. 

Coach Ryan joins the Bolles staff after coaching ‘gigs’ as an age group coach in Georgia, a Division II coach at Limestone College, the Assistant and Head coach at Indian River State College here in Florida, then Texas A&M University and Arizona State University.  He is moving here from Atlanta where he has spent time with his family’s business and is eager to get on deck and in his words “help kids go fast.”  Throughout the interview process it is apparent that Coach Ryan not only carries great technical expertise but cares deeply about the student-athlete as a whole person and developing the mental skills to be successful in the pool and beyond.

Please enjoy this video to welcome coach Ryan to our program! 

Coach Ryan will start on September 1st, taking a week or more to shadow our current staff and make connections with athletes before stepping into a leadership role with our National Prep group.  Thank you to everyone for your patience as we have searched for the best fit for our team and our student-athletes.  Coach Ryan has been involved in our staff planning meetings and is in our team’s group chat – be sure to say hello!

We are also excited to formally announce Coach Jake Gibbons as our new Late Night coach starting September 7th.   Coach Jake comes to us after finishing his athletic career at Texas A&M and spending an additional year as their volunteer coach.  Coach Jake is a former Bolles School swimmer with connections to the Late Night program as an athlete and an alum.  I am personally excited about Coach Jake because of his undeniable passion for swimming, for developing ‘the whole human’, and for Bolles.  Coach Jake has the distinction of helping to coach the most dyanmic short course swimmer over the past 2 years in Texas A&M standout Shane Casas.  We look forward to learning from Coach Jake and his experience!

You can hear more about Coach Jake through this video interview here!

Coach Jake has spent a few days on deck with us already, and as he returns from a previously scheduled engagement he will be starting on Tuesday September 7.  He has already been in our senior planning meetings and looped in on coaching communication over the past two weeks.  We anticipate a short on boarding process before he steps into a full leadership role with the group.

Thank to everyone for their patience and support through this process.  Welcome to the Bolles family Coach Ryan and Coach Jake!

- Coach Peter Verhoef & the Bolles Coaching Staff