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The Bolles School Sharks


  1. The Bolles School rules are to be followed at all times, in all facilities.
  2. The consumption or purchase of alcohol, smoking or chewing tobacco, or use of any other illegal drug or substance of any kind is prohibited.  Any team member found or suspected to be in the presence of others (regardless of team affiliation) partaking in any of the above activities will be subject to expulsion from the Bolles School Shark team.
  3. Disrespectful, indiscreet or destructive behavior will not be tolerated.  It is the responsibility of each swimmer to make every effort to avoid guilt by association with such activities at any time.
  4. Use of proper language is expected at all times.
  5. All athletes are expected to treat team members, coaches, staff, and competitors with respect, support, and kindness. These expectations apply to all forms of conduct and communications, whether physical, verbal, written, or electronic that are consistent with the values set forth above and which go to the very core of this team. Only those athletes willing to show respect for their fellow members of our community belong on the Bolles School Sharks. Members who choose to ignore this policy can expect significant consequences, including the possibility of suspension or expulsion from the team for particularly serious or repeated disregard of this critically important principle.
  6. Inappropriate displays of affection between swimmers has no place on pool deck at any time.  Public romance, physical expressions of mutual attraction, or behavior deemed inappropriate by the Bolles coaches will result in a dismissal from practice, competition, and team activities.  
  7. Any person guilty of thievery, on and off the Bolles School campus, will be subject to expulsion from the team.
  8. Each swimmer is responsible for replacing accidentally lost or damaged equipment.
  9. Each swimmer must have the required team gear:  swim bag, warm up, T-shirts, caps, suits and equipment as determined by the Bolles School Sharks coaches at the beginning of each swim year.  These items can be found on the Team Store tab on www.bollesswimming.org.
  10. All athletes are expected to abide by the dress code determined by the coaching staff of the Bolles School Sharks at all practices, competitions, and during team travel.  At all times, ALL swimmers must wear shorts, shirts, and footwear outside the gates of the pool.  Towels do not count as clothes.
  11. Be on time and prepared for each practice, competition, and team event.
  12. ALWAYS represent the team positively in your behavior, appearance, and sportsmanship.


To achieve our goals, we must work together as a team.  Those who cannot follow the rules stated above will not be welcome as part of our program.  Failure to comply with these codes of conduct may result in financial penalties, suspension or dismissal from the Bolles School Sharks swim team.


I understand and agree to the above terms and conditions of the Bolles School Sharks team in exchange for the privilege to participate in the activities and swim program.


Bolles School Sharks official 2022-2023 registration will stand as agreement to the above conditions.