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Elite Swim Camp Expectations  

What to expect:

The type of training that has propelled the Bolles School High School Team and The Bolles School Sharks to one of the top High Schools and USS Swim Programs in the Nation. The training is intense and demanding as we prepare all our athletes to perform at their best.  

Be prepared to work hard at every training session. Each practice has a purpose, whether it is working on endurance, speed, power, or your best stroke. You will be asked each day to challenge and push yourself beyond your normal limitations.


The practices will average between 6,500 – 8,500 meters per practice depending on the emphasis of the session. We will have 11 practices a week having Saturday afternoon and all day Sunday off. Thursday  practices will be recovery with a technical focus.

The Elite Campers will train like our year round swimmers each day. The swimmers are broken into 2 groups based on age and ability. The total amount of meters swum per session will vary depending on the emphasis of the day and the training group they swim with. Each week we will work on technique, starts, turns, endurance, speed, IM’s, and main strokes.


Each day we will do 45 minutes to an hour of dry-land training. This will consist of body weight exercises, running, stadiums, medicine balls, plyometrics, abdominals, as well as dry-land tubing. Running shoes and workout clothes are a must.  


The purpose of our Elite swim camp is to provide an opportunity for swimmers to train with one of the top swim programs in the nation. They will have the opportunity to experience the type of training that has propelled Bolles to its success’. Bolles has continually been at the top of the swimming charts for over 20 years on the National and International scene.

The campers will experience first hand what it takes by training side by side with our own swimmers here at Bolles. They will see first hand the swimming and dry-land training that we have designed to improve the strength, speed and endurance of the swimmer both in and out of the water. The practices sessions have been created to utilize strength and power gained through dry-land training an implement it into the swimming practices.




Thank you for choosing The Bolles Swim Camp! Go Bolles!



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