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Bolles Swim Camp 2019


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1. Are campers allowed to bring their laptops? - Yes, campers can bring their laptops. However they will not have access to the Bolles wireless network. There are 8 desktop computers in the third floor lounge that are available for each camper to use. Campers will be provided a user name and password to gain entry to the Bolles network through those computers.

2. Are cell phones allowed? - Yes, cell phones are allowed. We only ask that you provide the staff with your child’s cell phone number. That way we can reach them in the event of an emergency.

3. What kind of equipment should the swimmers bring? - Swimmers should come to practice with a suit, goggles (extra pair is smart), cap (if they wear one), fins, paddles, and pull buoy. Bolles swimmers sometimes use snorkels as well. Campers are encouraged to bring a snorkel if they have one. 

4. Will my swimmer have his/her own bathroom? - Campers will reside in the Bolles School dormitory which consists of three different hallways. One of the three hallways contains rooms which have private bathrooms. The other two hallways have a large group bathroom at the end of each hallway. Coaches will always separate hallways by gender, meaning no boys on the girls’ hallway and no girls on the boys’ hallway. The number of swimmers attending camp, their age, and their gender will be determining factors for coaches as they decide who will reside on the hallway with private bathrooms. So for now there is no way to definitively answer whether or not your child will have a private bathroom.

5. Can athletes have food in their rooms? - Campers are allowed to have food in their rooms if and only if they properly seal the food if it is being saved or throw it in the trash if they are finished. The Bolles School is located in Florida, and Florida during the summer means bugs are out. Food left out in the rooms will attract ants and other bugs.

6. My child eats A LOT. Will there be enough food at meal times? – The Bolles School cafeteria, which will prepare and serve all meals, will provide plenty of food for even the most voracious appetites. The cafeteria policy is a single serving per diner at a time. If a swimmer finishes their food and is still hungry he/she is welcome to go back up to get another serving. While there is no limit on the number of plates of food a swimmer can eat, there are limits on the amount of food per visit.

7. What kind of food will there be? Is it healthy? – The Bolles School cafeteria offers a diverse selection of foods. There is always a meat and or fish, a starch, vegetables, salad, fruit, and dessert. A swimmer’s eating habits will determine how healthy any given meal will be.

8. Will swimmers be able to go shopping at the supermarket? – Yes! Every week the coaching staff will take the swimmers on a store run to either a grocery store and/or Target. This will be swimmers’ opportunity to stock up on any supplies.

9. Are swimmers allowed to roam the school grounds? – The coaching staff’s biggest concern is every single swimmer’s personal safety. Older swimmers (mostly Elite Campers) have a more flexible schedule than our younger one-week campers. There are times that they may want to sit outside by the river or in front of the school on one of the many benches. The campers are welcome to take advantage of the beautiful campus. The coaching staff only requires that swimmers TELL THE COACH ON DUTY where he or she is going, and with whom.

10. Is there security on campus? – Yes. The school provides 24 hour security year-round. There is always a guard at the front gate and one roaming the campus in a golf cart. All security is managed by the school’s head of security, a former Secret Service Agent. There is also video surveillance in the hallways and stairwells inside the dormitory (NO CAMERAS in bathrooms or rooms!). The video cameras record to a DVR, which keeps the recordings for one month.

11. Is my child allowed to leave campus with a friend? – That is up to you. Parents will have the option of filling out a form that tells the staff whether or not your child is allowed to leave campus with anyone other than the staff; whether you only want to allow your child to leave campus with a particular person or persons. The coaching staff has a Sign-Out policy similar to the policy used by the boarding staff during the school year. Swimmers must first ask permission from the Person on Duty to leave campus. That person will review whether or not the swimmer’s parents gave permission for the swimmer to be allowed to leave campus. If permission has been given, the swimmer will physically sign out, stating: Where he/she is going – With whom – When they are leaving – When they plan to return – a contact number where they can be reached.