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One Week Camp Expectations(8yrs-13yrs)

This is a brief overview of what to expect from our One Week Camp. 

What to Expect:

A Swimming Education: From the workouts in the water to the video lectures on land, the Bolles 12&under Camp is as much an educational experience as it is a chance to become a better swimmer. That is because improving as a swimmer is not limited to how one moves through the water; it is imperative that swimmers understand why they are being asked to move a certain way. The coaches’ biggest goal at 12&under Camp is to educate the swimmers.  We want them to understand that if they consistently make small improvements, those improvements will benefit them when it comes time to race.

Fun with Friends: Swimming is, and should be, fun. Sure, tough practices may not always feel fun but being with friends is fun. Racing is fun. Cheering is fun. Playing games is fun. The Bolles 12&under Camp will bring the fun into swimming through racing, cheering, and playing the occasional game. All of these activities are designed to not only provide the periodic mental break, but to also facilitate bonds between the campers. That’s why it is important for swimmers to not only learn a new skill but to experience the positive reinforcement that comes with demonstrating that newly found skill. Swimmers will have a chance to prove what they’ve learned through written and practical “tests.” After completing these tests they will leave with the knowledge that they achieved their weekend goals. These achievements can go a long way towards helping them reach their long term swimming goals.

What to Bring

A Fun Attitude and Desire to Improve: That’s all one really needs before coming to Bolles Swimming’s inaugural 12&under Camp. Because swimming should be fun and anyone who competes should want to get better. And that’s where the idea of the 12&under Camp originated. The 12&under Camp is designed for kids who want to do simple things to improve and potentially move on to the next level of swimming, whether that means competing at a season championship, beginning to swim year-round, or just making one or two more practices per week. It all starts with a positive attitude and a desire to learn. With those key ingredients anyone can achieve a level of swimming success. So bring your questions and leave your reservations at home. 12&under Camp is not a weekend of hard core training but rather a weekend of thoughtful, skillful swimming combined with a good time with friends your age.

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Thank you for choosing The Bolles Swim Camp! Go Bolles!