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2020-2021 Bolles School Sharks Registration

Open for Returning Members

7/17/20 - 11/20/21


On-line Registration for The Bolles School Sharks, USA Swim Team

Registration Reminder:

Following the USA Swim year cycle, each August the Bolles School Sharks requires existing members to re-register (online).  The purpose for re-registering is so that each family confirms or updates their personal information, as well as educates themselves and signs off on the updated policies found in the 2020-2021 Team Handbook.  The Bolles School Sharks are unique in that we are operated by The Bolles School; therefore, members are required to follow the practices as put forth by the School, and will be held accountable for conduct, financial dues, and policies related to safety, health, and well-being.  Ultimately, this also coincides with the policies promoted by USA Swimming.

  • New Parking Passes will be distributed to members only after completion of the on-line team registration.
  • The 2020-2021 Team Handbook and Practice Schedule is available on www.bollesswimming.org

Steps to Register:

1.  Read the  2020-2021 Team Handbook It will answer all administrative questions you might have, and by registering online for the 2020-2021 Bolles School Sharks, you will be agreeing to, and held accountable for, each of the policies published in the handbook.  

2.  Click continue below to enter the following information, please check that you have it available before you begin.

  • Enter or Update ACCOUNT (family) information.
    • Email addresses, phone numbers.
  • Select or Add MEMBERS (student-athletes).
    • Enter or Update MEMBER information
    • Email addresses, phones numbers. (if permissible)
  • Agree to Team Membership, Releases, and Waivers.
  • Pay your registration fee.
  • Receive an email receipt and next steps!

JR Makos and Learn to Swim are exempt and DO NOT need to do online registration.

All returning members, please be sure to register to the correct group for the coming year.  If you are not sure which roster to choose, please contact your swimmer's coach or  Carole Emerson.

We look forward to another successful year of swimming!

Go Bolles Sharks!