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Our Philosophy.

Coaching children is an honor; one that we take to heart. We know the environment we create will not only affect their current in water performances, but their future mindsets as well. We want the athletes who eventually move on from our program to leave with more than than fast times. We want them to have learned and embraced true "Championship Behavior".

There are a lot of great competitive swim programs in the greater Tampa Bay area. Each of which, has their own strengths. Our program was created to offer a more "boutique" swimming experience; even though we are a larger swim team. Our training groups are designed to offer each swimmer the personalized attention he or she needs to learn, grow and excel in the sport. Even as we grow, we will always remain true to this concept.

Our individualized approach allows us to maintain more control over our environment and team culture. We preach and practice what I call "Championship Behavior". These are the behaviors that true champions exhibit in and out of the pool. In addition to these behaviors, we introduce the swimmers to the knowledge, skills and strategies they will need to develop into true champions themselves. All of this takes place over the course of years, not months. This is why we feel so strongly about maintaining a positive coach : swimmer relationship. We see the role of the coach as more of a "life" coach, rather than simply a "swim" coach.

As you can tell, we place a strong emphasis on the coach:swimmer relationship. We do, however, also place a strong emphasis on the training process. We utilize a unique "Levels" system that allows the child to develop their physiological, psychological, tactical and technical aspects of the sport. Each aspect is introduced in a developmentally appropriate manner. This ensures that the child is getting the right stresses and information at the proper time in their career. It also leads to more enjoyment as the swimmers' challenges are appropriate and attainable.

Inside of the Levels systems, we use a state of the art seasonal design program. Our computer based seasonal design tools allow us to prescribe pin point accurate energy zone training pace times. We also use the tools to distribute the proper energy zone workloads over the course of each season. This allows us to properly monitor the athletes' activities, provide proper feedback and allow for a multi year development process for the swimmers.

The Levels system also allows the coach, swimmer and parent to all share in the same goals. Speaking of parents, at Blue Wave we engage the parent in the process. We have open communication and always seek to partner with them to create the best possible environment for the swimmer. Communication is key. We strive to keep everyone "in the loop" on all things regarding the club and their children. These positive relationships, swimmer:coach, coach:parent and, most importantly, parent:swimmer give the child a platform for real success.

Our program is founded on long standing, proven principles that have yielded success in Tampa Bay and beyond. If our philosophy sounds like a fit for your family, we encourage you to contact us. If you should decide to join our "swamily", know that your child will be nurtured in a fun, caring and challenging environment; one that fosters the excellence day in and day out.


Coach Rich Rogers
Director of Competitive Swimming
Blue Wave Swimming

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