Florida Swimming



Novice (Level One) - Our Novice program is designed to impart the basic skill needed to be proficient in the long axis competitive strokes (freestyle and backstroke). The essential elements of the other competitive strokes (breast and butterfly) are also introduced. Some of the other areas of concentration in this group is how to positively interact with other swimmers during practice and how to take instruction from coaches.

The program is offered to children ages five (5) and older who can swim one (1) unassisted length the competitive pool. Our forty five (45) minutes classes are offered four (4) times weekly. families can select a time slot at 4:00 or 6:00pm. There are no minimum attendance requirements.

Blue (Level Two) - Our Blue training group focuses on refining the short axis strokes introduced in Blue (Level One) and acquiring higher level breastroke and butterfly skills. In addition, Blue training group members are introduced to some more advanced competitive swim concepts such as racing starts, turns, individual medley transitions and more. The swimmers will also learn how to read the pace clock, circle swim and how to work within a true team context. 

Participants in this program will have the option of coming Monday through Fridays (please see current schedule for closures and changes). The additional time in the water helps the child internalize and acquire the skills faster. While offered everyday, there are no minimum attendance requirements. 

The program is offered to children ages five (5) and older who can swim one (1) unassisted length the competitive pool of each stroke. Classes are an hour and fifteen minutes in length with an optional dryland session fifteen minutes prior to the start of each session. 

Bronze - (Ages 6 & Up – Level Three) This program is designed to continue the proper acquisition of the skills needed to be a competent competitive swimmer. Racing starts, turns and IM transitions are introduced at this stage. The four (4) competitive strokes will continue to be refined. In addition to acquiring and refining skills, the swimmers in this group will also receive level-appropriate endurance and sprint training throughout the course of each season. Some dryland (out of the pool) training is also offered. This combination of in water and out of water work will ensure the athlete has the additional physical skills and strength needed to excel and grow in the sport. The swimmers in this group will have the opportunity to compete in local and statewide competitions. 

The program is offered to children ages six (6) and older who have met the exit requirements of our Blue program. Training sessions are offered six (6) days a week. In water session are one hour and fifteen minutes (1:15) in length. Optional dryland sessions will also be made available during the course of each season. Please see our current seasonal schedule for more details.

SwimFit - SwimFit is designed to offer those who come to the sport a little later in life an opportunity to learn techniques and strokes and see if competitive swimming is right for them. There is a technical and a  fitness component to this program as well which makes it great for high schoolers who are looking for a good fitness program. The first hour is spent on the in water fitness component while the last forty five minutes is spent on out of water fitness training.  Local competitions will be offered, but not required. Training sessions are offered five (5) days a week. There are no minimum attendance requirements.