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Introducing, The Levels System

A System For Progressive Athlete Development

As parents, educators and coaches will all have the same goal; to properly prepare the children in our care for long-term success, in a variety of arenas. To meet that goal, we strive to develop a set of skills within the child that they can use to meet future challenges. As coaches, we use swimming as a vehicle to introduce these skills. The Levels System guides us throughout an athlete’s career to ensure that we introduce these skills in an effective and a developmentally appropriate manner.

With a clear picture of type of individuals we are trying to foster, we can define the skills sets we need to develop. The Levels System has identified the skills needed for success growth in our sport by beginning with the end in mind. Our sport is fortunate to have Olympians as role models. We used that ideal as our model.

We know that not every swimmer will be an Olympian, but they can all learn, internalize and live the Olympic ideals of vision, focus, persistence, commitment and discipline. These ideals have set the standard for Blue Wave and are the basis for selecting the skills to be included in the system.

The Levels System also gives us a road map to help determine when to introduce the skills and how much to stress them. If a skill is stressed too much or introduced too soon, the athlete’s long-term development may be compromised. Have you ever seen a novice body builder with huge arms and virtually no lower body development? Skills should be introduced at the appropriate time to complement other skills and prepare the athlete for the next set.

The skills are not just about competitive performance. The Levels System addresses physiological, psychological, tactical and technical factors as well. An athlete must address every aspect required for level completion to progress through the system…not just competitive performance-based ones. A holistic approach to athletic development, lessens the risk for injuries, plateaus or burnout.

Development is a process not an event...and we want everyone involved to enjoy the process. We invite to explore the system with your child. When the swimmer, parent and coach all have the same vision and goals, success is inevitable.

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