Florida Swimming

Age Group - Level II

All of the criteria below must be met in order for an athlete to be fully prepared for the next stage in their development. Fast swimming alone is not a compelling enough reason to push a swimmer to the next level.


Age Group - Level II

Our Level II program extends the time the swimmers are in the water. This allows the athlete to further develop their endurance, strength and speed. New techniques and race strategies are introduced at this stage as well. Out of water conditioning is also introduced to the swimmers to help build functional strength and help prevent injuries.. Athletes in this training group will move on to the next level of our program when they have met the exit requirements.

Prerequisite: Successful completion of the exit requirements for Level I.

Description: Swimmers in this group, typically ages seven (7) & up, will continue their skill acquisition, but at a higher level of experience and understanding. Race tactics are introduced at this level as well. These swimmers are also introduced to concepts such as self awareness and achievement drive.

Dates/Times/Costs: Dates/Times/Costs: Dates & Times vary throughout the year (please check our current class offerings by clicking here). The cost is $135 per month. BSAC members receive a $25 a month discount on their monthly fee. Optional home and local swim meets will also be made available throughout the season. Additional fees may apply to participate in meets.

Age Group Level II - Exit Requirements



  • can swim freestyle continuously for thirty (30) minutes without breaking form
  • can successfully complete the training sets for group advancement (see below)
  • can explain the basics of energy zones and and tries to hold pace and heart rate targets while training
  • has successfully attempted a 100 (yd or mtr) in every stroke as well as a 200 IM and 200 freestyle in a sanctioned competition

Psychological - Achievement Drive & Self-Awareness

  • demonstrates a compelling desire to overcome obstacles to accomplish something worthwhile
  • understands why setting goals are important and begins to set practice and performance objectives
  • displays a willingness to make changes and work hard to meet their stated goals
  • understands and accepts individual differences in physical size within an age groups
  • understands & demonstrates the difference between tense and relaxed muscles and can identify past situations where both have been present
  • can describe the prescribed “perceived exertion” targets for each of the five (5) energy zones
  • knows why effective energy zone training helps performance
  • knows how and why we monitor Heart Rates


  • has a demonstrated understanding that different races require different race strategies
  • has utilized the underwater water portion of their race with success for all four strokes in a sanctioned competition
  • Consistently finishes races uptempo and with a strong kick



  • scores at least a one (1) on all the skills required for advancement in each stroke on the Swimmer’s Scorecard
  • starts from block, executes legal turns for all four (4) strokes
  • swims a 200yd IM with legal technique, turns & transitions
  • can execute legal IM transitions
  • can execute an effective and legal relay start
  • works on the underwater aspect of each stroke during workouts


Age Group - Level II - Training Set Exit Requirements


  • 16 x 100 Free on 1:45
  • 5 x 200 IM on 3:45


And one of the following sets



  • 12 x 100 Stroke
  • Fly/Back on 1:50
  • Breast    on 2:00

Must get at least 5 seconds rest on all repeats to advance