Florida Swimming

Manta Rays

All of the criteria below must be met in order for an athlete to be fully prepared for the next stage in their development. Fast swimming alone is not a compelling enough reason to push a swimmer to the next level.

Manta Rays - Manta Rays are the first rung of the competitive aquatics ladder. The acquisition of the important life skills introduced in this program, outlined below, are necessary for all children regardless if they choose a competitive aquatic sport in the future.



Prerequisite: One length (25 yards) of rhythmic freestyle and backstroke with proper air exchange.


Description: Swimmers in this group, ages three (3) & up, will focus on developing a mastery of of the long axis (free and back) strokes. In addition, the swimmers will be introduced to basic butterfly and breastroke lower body movement patterns as well as some basic conditioning elements. The coach:student is kept low (1:6) so the participants will get the attention they need to properly develop these new skills properly.

Dates/Times/Costs: Dates & Times vary throughout the year (please check our current class offerings by clicking here). The cost is $85 per eight (8) thirty (30) minute class sessions. There is a once yearly registration fee of $30.00. Optional home and local swim meets will also be made available for an additional fee (normally $10 per meet).

Manta Rays - Exit Requirements

  • Freestyle and backstroke skills and drills
  • Swim freestyle 25 yards without stopping (2 times)
  • Swim backstroke 25 yards without stopping (2 times)
  • Endurance building
  • Uses a kickboard to kick freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly
  • Breaststroke kick
  • Butterfly kick
  • Feet first surface dive
  • Head first surface dive
  • Tread water using 2 different kicks (scissor kick, breaststroke kick with sculling arms) 2 min
  • Look before you leap entry into water
  • Learn to perform simple reaching and throwing assists
  • Water Safety skills & education