Florida Swimming
Level 1

Inclement Weather Policy:

Practice schedule disruptions due to thunderstorms are fairly common here in central Florida, especially during the summer and fall months. Due to this, the coaching staff will try to be very fluid with schedule changes. In general, we will follow these guidelines:

  • Coaches will attempt to make cancellation calls at least ½ hour before the start of a scheduled practice. 

  • Should weather become an issue within ½ hour of a scheduled practice start time the coaches will guide group members through either dryland or video sessions.

  • Should weather conditions continue to be an issue and would prevent use of the pool for ½ of the scheduled practice time, coaches will make the call as to whether they should cancel the remainder of the practice. If practice is canceled then swimmers will be instructed to contact their families for early pick up.

  • When the call to cancel is made, coaches will notify affected families by making use of the email, text, and push notifications available with Team Unify and the OnDeck app. All families should have entered their SMS info and verified their phone number at registration. All families should also enter and verify on the Team Unify site all email addresses they want used for these notifications. All families should also download the Team Unify app, OnDeck, and should enable push notifications. We will also frequently use the SLAC parent facebook group as an additional way to notify families of cancellations.

  •  Please do not call, text, email or post in the facebook group with questions about whether there will be practice or not. Plan for success! Plan that there will be practice. If a practice needs to be canceled the coaches will use the multiple methods described above   to spread the word. Otherwise, the coaches will be busy running and/or preparing for practices.

  • Should hurricanes or other more severe weather disrupt our schedule, coaches will try to give 24-48 notice. 

We are fortunate to have a Thorguard system at our facility. This is a primary tool used by the coaches to determine potential schedule changes. A link to our Thorguard website is available here.

On rare days during the winter months we can find ourselves dealing with some chilly temperatures on the pool deck. As the pool is heated, it is typically only the coaches who really have to deal with the elements. But, we will follow these guidelines should we feel the need to alter our practice schedule.

  • The NTC will close the pool should the air temperature be below 40 degrees. This typically will only affect morning practices and so cancelation notices will come the night before.

  • Should air temperatures be sustained under 50 degrees, we may alter practice schedules for Bronze and/or Silver Groups. Those decisions will be made the day of practice at least ½ hour before practice start time. As always, assume there is practice unless you hear otherwise from the coaching staff.

  • Gold Group and the Senior Groups will practice through cooler weather unless the 40 degree mark is reached and the NTC closes the pool. 

Pool temperatures can also cause cancelations both in the summer and in the winter. The vast majority of the year, the pool temperature will vary between 78-84 degrees thanks to the larger heaters and pool chillers. 

  • Should the temperature vary more than 2 degrees outside this range, coaches may make the decision to shorten, and/or cancel practices. Those decisions will be made the day of practice at least ½ hour before practice start time. As always, assume there is practice unless you hear otherwise from the coaching staff.