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SwimAmerica is a national learn to swim program designed by the American Swimming Coaches Association. General information about the program can be found here.


Group Lessons will return March, 2022.

Registration to open in after the new year.


30 minute small group lessons offered Monday through Thursday evenings beginning at 4pm. End times vary based on time of year and typical weather. Last daily lessons in March will begin at 5:20pm. A 6:00-6:30pm and 6:40-7:10pm class will be added annually in late April. Lesson season runs through October. Registration now open for all of these classes.

Saturday lessons will be offered beginning at 10:15am with last lessons of the day beginning at 12:15pm.

Each SwimAmerica lesson costs $15. Lessons are scheduled and billed monthly. Sign up is on a subscription basis. Fees are posted on the 1st of each month. Should your swimmer join us mid-month, we will prorate the monthly fee to match the number of lessons remaining in the month. To cancel contact us before the 25th of the month. Please note that if your selected day of the week occurs 5 times in a month the billed fee will be $75 rather than the base fee of $60. At the time of your intitial registration each calendar year there will be a $25 annual registration fee.

Our SwimAmerica program will run through the end of October, weather permitting. And will restart again in March. For swimmers wanting opportunities in November through February, we have both private lessons and the SwimFit pre-competitive group.


Swimmers of all levels, ages 4&up (including adults) are welcome to register for any time slot. We can work with all ability levels at each time our SwimAmerica group lesosns are offered.  

We recommend registering for lessons 2 days / week.


Evaluations will be done on the first day of lessons to determine the level of each student. Students will then be placed with an instructor and students who are at the same level.


Questions about SwimAmerica lessons? Email [email protected]



Private and Semi-Private Lessons


Private Swim Lesson (30 minutes)

Currently Available!

ASCA* Level 1-2 or SwimAmerica Coach $45

  • 30 minutes

  • 1 on 1 instruction

  • Ages 3 ½ and older; Adult lessons offered as well

  • For beginner and novice lessons

Coach Alex (ASCA Level 4) or Coach Gibb (ASCA Level 5). Contact Coach directly for rate.

  • 30 minutes up to 60 minutes

  • 1 on 1 instruction

  • Ages 6 and older; Adult lessons offered as well

  • For proficient and advanced swimmers

  • Stroke analysis

  • [email protected] or [email protected]


Semi-Private Swim Lesson (45 minutes)

Currently Available!

ASCA* Level 1-2 or SwimAmerica Coach $60

  • 45 minutes

  • 2 or 3 students with comparable swimming skills

  • For beginner and novice lessons

  • Ages 4 years and older; Adult lessons offered as well

ASCA* Level 3-5 Coach $105

  • 45 minutes

  • 2 or 3 students with comparable swimming skills

  • For proficient and advanced swimmers

  • Ages 6 and older; Adult lessons offered as well

*ASCA- America Swimming Coaches Association

Please contact us to sign up for your first lesson!

Email: [email protected]



  The Swim Fit 2 program is a two session progression for local high school swimmers. This program will run during the summer months leading up to the high school season. Session 1 will focus on technique improvement and Session 2 will focus on conditioning prior to the start of the school season.

All participants must be at least entering their freshman year of high school.

  This three week clinic will provide newer swimmers with opportunities to learn the basics of competitive swimming. Experienced swimmers will have the opportunity to improve their technical skills in each of the four competitive strokes as well as racing starts and turns. This clinic will be led by experienced, ASCA certified coaches. 





The SwimFit 1 program is designed for swimmers who have progressed through at least level 7 of our SwimAmerica program but who many not be ready for the commitment or competition of the South Lake Aquatic Club Swim Team. This program runs during the winter months when SwimAmerica programing is not in session.

The Swim Fit 1 program focuses on continued instruction in the four competitive strokes without the daily commitment of the SLAC Swim Team. This 4 night per week program allows swimmers to participate in other activities while still progressing in the pool. SwimFit also provides swimmers with a pre-team developmental option should they aspire to be future members of the South Lake Aquatic Club Lightning Swim Team. 

 Questions about SwimFit? Email [email protected]


Swim America Infant and Preschool 

  • These classes are 2 week blocks, for 5 days a week, of 15 minute one-on-one instruction for swimmers 16 months to 3 years of age. 
  • Infants and preschoolers will learn appropriate swimming postures to allow them to swim face down in the water, rotate onto their back to a floating position that enables them to rest and breathe, then return to a face down swimming posture. This sequence of swim-float-swim can be continued into the learn to swim program. This important skill will prepare your child should he/she accidentally fall into the water. 
  • Classes begin Monday, May 3rd and are run Monday- Friday between 8:00am-10:00 am on 20 minute intervals.
  • The cost of one 2 week session is $250.00  Register online below or in the parent portal (for existing customers).
Questions about SwimAmerica Infant and Preschool lessons? Email  [email protected]