Florida Swimming
Level 1


Lesson Registration and Billing-

You may register from our SwimAmerica group lessons at anytime via our Jackrabbit online registration and, for returning families, our parent portal. 

  • Each lesson costs $17 and we both bill and schedule on a monthly basis with auto renewal. So, if your swimmer is registered for one lesson a week the billing will be $68 for the month. Fees will be posted on the 1st of the month. 
  • Should you register mid-month, your fees will be prorated for the number of lessons left in the month. 
  • Should there by 5 occurrences of a weekday in a month the billing will be prorated up to $80 for that extra lesson day.
  • At the time of your initial registration each calendar year there will be a $25 annual registration fee. 

You may register for Private lessons by contacting [email protected]

  • After setting up a day and time with our Private Lessons Coordinator, you will be directed to visit your Jackrabbit Parent Portal to complete registration and to submit payment for the session. 
  • Private lessons are available both for a single day or a continual weekly basis. Billing for a single lesson will be processed before the start of the lesson. 
  • Billing for continuing private lessons will occur every Wednesday. 

Cancellation Policy

  • For Group Lessons, should you wish to withdraw your swimmer, written notice must be sent to [email protected] no later than the 25th of the month in order to be effective for the next month.
  • For Private Lessons, 48 hours written notice is required for a cancellation or schedule change to [email protected] 
    • Cancellation of private lessons with less than 48 hours notice will be subject to a $25 cancellation fee. 

Excused Absences and Makeups

In Group Lessons, we allow ONE excused absence per month given 24 hours prior notice via the Parent Portal. 

Notes for how to schedule a makeup in the portal are available here.  https://help.jackrabbitclass.com/help/sched-makeups-parent-portal

Please note absence request is a two-step process. Your submission in the portal requires a manual review from us before they are eligible for a makeup class, so please allow one business day for us to process those.

  • You may submit such absences in your parent portal
    • After submitting your absence, please allow us one business day for review.
    • After approval, you will be able to select your makeup class.
    • Help directions for how to submit an absence are available here.
    • Help directions for how to schedule a makeup after approval are available here.
  • Makeups must be scheduled via the Jack Rabbit Parent Portal and are only available in classes under maximum capacity. 
  • Available makeups expire if not scheduled within 4 weeks after the missed class date and will not be available for rescheduling after that date.
  • If your group lesson has been canceled by the management of the South Lake Aquatic Club, you have 4 weeks from the date of the canceled lesson to schedule your makeup.

Private Lessons affected by weather can be rescheduled with the instructor, but we require at least 48 hours lead time as pool time has to be rescheduled.


Illnesses and Emergencies

We try to be lenient with our absence policy in cases of illness and emergencies, given same-day notification.

  • In these cases, please email [email protected]
  • The parent portal shuts off requests for excused absences 24 hours before class start times.
  • Please do not call us as we will be on the pool deck teaching, and we do not have office staff answering phones.

Class Transfers

Should you have a schedule change that requires a permanent rescheduling of your lesson time, please email us, and we’d be happy to help you find an alternative class time. 


SLAC Lesson Program Inclement Weather Policy:

Pool schedule disruptions due to thunderstorms are fairly common here in central Florida, especially during the summer and fall months. Storms here can be sporadic in timing and spotty in coverage so here is how we handle such weather:

  • All classes are on as scheduled unless you hear otherwise from us.
  • Whenever possible we will try to make decisions regarding cancellations at ½ hour before the scheduled start time. 
    • Some popup storms may prevent us from being able to give a full ½ hour notice. 
  • We will notify families of cancellations via email and text message.
    • We will notify you via the email addresses provided to us in your parent portal.
    • Text messaging legally requires an OPT IN. You can opt in to text messaging on your account page in the parent portal. 
  • We make use of the facility Thorguard radar and lightning prediction and warning system. A link to the facility Thorguard website is available here.
  • Please do not call us asking for weather predictions. We are swim coaches and swim instructors. We do not have an office assistant answering phone calls. Calls regarding weather will disrupt other classes or our preparations for your class. 
    • Please do not call the NTC front desk about lessons. The NTC front desk staff is not part of our staff and is not aware of our scheduling.
  • Please note a cancellation of one class on a given day does not automatically mean the next class will be canceled. Keep this in mind when arriving at the facility if the gate is not yet open after a storm.
    • We do not man the gate, the NTC lifeguard staff mans that post. They will return to the pool deck once Thorguard gives the All Clear and then they will open the gate before your class is scheduled to begin. 
    • We have a 40 minute window to complete each 30 minute lesson so your lesson can start a bit late if weather causes a delay.
  • If/when we have to cancel a class, a makeup class will be available for you in the parent portal. Please allow us until the end of the lessons day to post these available makeups. 
    • Any lesson that is able to complete 20 minutes or more of instruction without weather interruption will be considered to be complete. Lessons canceled due to weather that complete less than 20 minutes instruction will be allowed a make up.



On rare days during the winter months we can find ourselves dealing with some chilly temperatures. As the NTC pool is heated, cooler weather is not typically a problem. But, we will follow these guidelines should we feel the need to alter our practice schedule.

  • During the winter months, the NTC will close the pool should the air temperature be below 40 degrees. This typically will only affect morning sessions and so cancellation notices will come the night before.
  • During the winter months, should air temperatures be sustained under 50 degrees, we may cancel SwimFit/Private Lessons. The pool water temperature will be part of this decision.
    • Those decisions will be made the day of practice at ½ hour before lesson start time following the same procedures we have for thunderstorms.
  • Pool temperatures can also cause cancellations in the fall/winter/spring. 
  • The vast majority of the year, the pool temperature will vary between 78-84 degrees thanks to the larger heaters and pool chillers. Should the temperature vary more than 2 degrees outside this range, SLAC staff may make the decision to cancel lessons. 
    • Those decisions will be made the day of practice at ½ hour before lesson start time following the same procedures we have for thunderstorms.



Should hurricanes or other more severe weather disrupt our schedule, coaches will try to give at least 24-48 hours notice.