Florida Swimming
Level 2


  The SwimFit 1 program is designed for swimmers who have progressed through at least level 7 of our SwimAmerica program but who many not be ready for the commitment or competition of the South Lake Aquatic Club Swim Team.

This program runs during the winter months when SwimAmerica programing is not in session. Start and End Dates are partly weather dependant as end of SwimAmerica season is weather dependant. 

Session 1 Late October/Early November through December $250

Session 2- Mid January through Late February/Early March $250

The Swim Fit 1 program focuses on continued instruction in the four competitive strokes without the daily commitment of the SLAC Swim Team. This 4 night per week program allows swimmers to particapate in other activities while still progressing in the pool. SwimFit also provides swimmers with a pre-team developmental option should they aspire to be future memembers of the South Lake Aquatic Club Lightning Swim Team. 


  The Swim Fit 2 program is a two session progression for local high school swimmers. This program will run during the summer months leading up to the high school season. Session 1 will focus on technique improvement and Session 2 will focus on conditioning prior to the start of the school season.


  Questions about SwimFit? Email privatelessons@southlakeaquatics.com