Thank you for your interest in Gator Swim Club!

If you are considering joining our program, please schedule an evaluation by contacting our club administrator at Each potential new member must be evaluated before joining so that he or she can be placed in the appropriate training group; you will need to know the training group to be able to complete the online registration.

If you have general questions about the team structure, fees, or registration, please contact

If you have coaching questions, please contact Coach Robert at or 319-471-5054 (text/call).

The club's mailing address is PO Box 357221, Gainesville, FL 32635.

Swim Lessons: If your child is not quite ready to join the swim team, remember that SwimAmerica lessons are also offered year-round at the O'Connell Center and other locations in Gainesville. If you aren't sure if your child is ready for team or needs lessons, please contact Jill Wilby at or call 352-335-0518.