2022–2023 Team Fees

Team Registration Fee
There is a nonrefundable annual registration fee of $175 for each team member at all locations except for the Masters groups (see below). This fee includes a silicone GSC cap, a GSC car magnet (new members) or bag tag/keychain (returning members), two team t-shirts, and a team suit, and covers the swimmer for our 2022-2023 swim year (September 1, 2022, through August 31, 2023). There are no refunds or prorating for the registration fee EXCEPT as we near the end of the swim year:
  • Registration fee as of April 1, 2023: $125, includes GSC cap, car magnet, team t-shirts, team suit
  • Registration fee as of June 1, 2023: $50, includes GSC cap, car magnet, team t-shirts
  • Registration fee as of July 1, 2023: $20, no team gear included
The annual Masters registration fee is $40, which covers GSC team registration ONLY; US Masters Swimming registration must also be completed separately by the participant to join the GSC Masters program (www.usms.org).
USA Swimming Registration Fee: New Process for 2023
Beginning September 1, 2022, USA Swimming athlete registrations will be completed by parents instead of being submitted by GSC; adult athletes will need to register themselves. Registration fee will be paid directly to USA Swimming. New members not registered for 2022 will need to complete USA Swimming registration within 7 days of starting with us, which will cover the swimmer through 2023; returning members who are registered for 2022 will need to register for 2023 by December 31, 2022.
Team Dues
Fees shown below do not apply to the Sun Country location; contact Sun Country at 352-331-8773 for membership and fee information.
GSC only offers monthly billing, with payments due at the end of each month (September dues paid on October 1, October dues on November 1, etc.). There are no refunds or prorating for monthly dues.
Billing summary previews will be sent on or about the 25th of each month and autopay charges are then drawn on the 1st of next month. If you have a credit card on file, you do not have to initiate a payment. Anytime you wish to see what is on your GSC account, you can log in and go to "Invoices and Payments" under the "My Account" tab. There you will have the option to review your "Current Invoice Summary" that will list all items charged to your account for that month.
Monthly payments are due by the 15th of every month. If your account is not paid in full by the 15th of the month, you will incur a $20 late fee. If payments are 60 days delinquent, the family's swimmer(s) may not be able to practice or attend meets with the club until the account balance is paid.
Monthly dues are as follows:
Sun Country: Call Sun Country at 352-331-8773 for membership and fee information.
Age Group Program:
Pre-competitive:   $75
White                    $100
Green                   $125
Blue                      $125
Orange                 $135
Silver                    $135
Gold                     $135  
Senior Program:
Senior Flex           $125 
Pre-Senior            $150
Senior State         $150 plus $5 per yoga and/or group dryland (Swim Tech) session offered
Senior National    $150 plus $5 per yoga and/or group dryland (Swim Tech) session offered
See "Registration and Fees" under the Masters tab on GSC home page.
Other Fees
Meet Fees
As swimmers from your family enter in swim meets, meet fees are charged to your account. Fees are detailed in the host team's information file that we post on the GSC website when meet sign-up opens. Meet fees are usually charged per event, and there will also be a flat per-athlete fee due to the host team (facility fee, heat sheet fee); event fees are usually $4.50 and flat per-athlete fees are between $13 and $20. GSC pays for relays.
Meet fees are paid to host teams in advance, so once a swimmer has been officially entered in a meet the club cannot refund entry fees for any reason even if he or she does not ultimately attend.
For non-GSC-hosted meets, GSC will assess a per-athlete charge to your account to partially offset club expenses for away meets we attend throughout the course of the year. The charge is $10 per meet-day, regardless of number of days attended (e.g., an away meet that runs Friday through Sunday would incur a $30 charge per swimmer, even if he or she only attends one or two days). If you commit to attending a meet, it is most cost-effective if you attend as many meet days as possible and swim the maximum number of events allowed each day. GSC will cap each family's team charge at $120 per meet.
Hospitality Fees
For GSC-hosted meets, there will be a hospitality fee invoiced to each account (except Masters) to help cover the cost of the food and beverages that we provide coaches, officials, and volunteers. GSC is planning to host at least two meets in 2022-2023 and the per-family fees will be as follows:
  • Fall intrasquad: $0
  • Holiday Classic (December 1 invoice): $25
  • Gator Distance Meet (January 1 invoice): $10
  • Spring intrasquad: $0
Volunteering Obligation Fee
Meets are a vital source of revenue for Gator Swim Club, and income from these events allows us to keep everyone's fees as low as possible. In order to run meets, we require the participation of parent volunteers. Over the course of each swim year (September through August) we host multiple meets that provide opportunities to fulfill volunteer obligations.
GSC requires two volunteer shifts per family per swim year. On May 1, 2023, $80 will be charged to the accounts of families that have not completed any of the required shifts at the first three of our hosted meets (Masters and Pre-competitive groups are exempted); when the two shifts are completed, the fee will be credited back to the account. Families that have completed one of the required shifts by the end of April will be charged $40 on their May 1 invoices.
Families that join after the January 2023 Distance Meet will be exempted from a volunteer requirement unless GSC adds home meets in the spring and summer of 2023.
If your family volunteers for more than three shifts over the course of the swim year, up to $150 will be credited to your account. Families who have not fulfilled the volunteer requirement yet will have first opportunity to sign up for open slots at meets; additional shift sign-up for credit will be managed by club administration.
Payment Procedures
If you are signed up for credit/debit card or ACH payment, you do not need to send checks or log in to initiate a payment. Automatic payments will be drawn by the system on the 1st of each month.
Any checks should be made payable to Gator Swim Club. Check or cash payments can be dropped through the slot in the wall near the GSC office inside the O'Connell Center or mailed to GSC at PO Box 357873, Gainesville, FL, 32635.
Voluntary Account Suspension/Withdrawal from Club
If your swimmer is planning on taking a break from practices or withdrawing from the club, you must notify the team in writing by sending a message to [email protected] prior to the 20th of the month before the break. A swimmer is not considered suspended or withdrawn from the program until written notice is received by the club. It is not sufficient to inform a coach of your intent to suspend membership or withdraw from the club. If written notice is not received before a charge for the next month or season is applied to your account, there will be no refund.
If an account is suspended more than once per registration year, a $25 fee will be applied for reactivating the account after the first instance. Members of the elite groups (Gold, Sectional, National) may be charged a fee to hold their place during a period of suspension from the team, to be determined by the head coach.