2021–2022 Team Policies

Member Conduct Policy
GSC is fortunate to have access to pools across Gainesville, and it is important that our members show respect for those facilities and for other users. We expect all of our swimmers to display sportsmanship and proper respect toward team members, coaches, officials, administrators, fellow competitors, parents, volunteers, the public, and the facilities we use. The following are prohibited for team members while at practice or meets:
  • Foul language or any form of verbal abuse.
  • Horseplay or physical contact between swimmers.
  • Fighting or any form of physical abuse, and possession or use of any weapon.
  • Tampering with or causing damage to any facility.
  • Photos, audio recordings, or video recordings in locker rooms or changing areas.
  • Vaping/smoking or possession or use of illegal substances.
Failure to abide by our conduct rules may result in the suspension of the swimmer from practice or more serious consequences if warranted.
  • Swimmers should be dropped off NO EARLIER than 15 minutes before practice begins. The UF teams will be practicing up until our pool time begins, so we cannot have GSC swimmers on the pool deck too early so that we don't interfere with their practices.
  • DO NOT drop off siblings for later practices when dropping off swimmers for earlier practices. While they are running workouts, coaches cannot be responsible for supervising siblings waiting to practice in a later time slot.
  • Swimmers must be in and out of the locker rooms within 15 minutes after dismissal from practice. UF rec swimming is going to be starting again next week at 7:00 pm each night so we no longer need to clear the pool area immediately after practice, but swimmers should not linger in the locker rooms or on the deck.
  • Swimmers must be picked up within 20 minutes of the completion of their practice. If you have an emergency and you will be late, please be sure your swimmer is not waiting alone.
  • Please do not park in the bike lane on Stadium Road in front of the O'Connell Center as a pick-up location. Be aware that UFPD may ticket you for parking in the bike lane.
Pool Deck Rules for Parents during Practice
If you need to speak with your child's coach, please do so before or after practice and not during practice.
We ask that you keep the pool decks available for our swimmers and coaches to use as needed. To that end, please note the following:
  • Indoor practices at the O'Dome: Parents can watch practice from the viewing balcony up above the pool. You can enter the upper deck either through the entrances at Gate 3. In the case of an event at the O'Connell Center where the balcony above the indoor pool is closed, parents cannot sit on the pool deck and will need to be outside during practice.
  • Outdoor practices at the O'Dome: No parents allowed on the outdoor pool deck so that we can use that space to keep swimmers spread out as much as possible.
  • At the City of Gainesville pools (Dwight Hunter Municipal Pool, Westside Pool), parents are asked to view practices from designated seating areas or from outside the fence.
  • Sun Country: Parents can watch practice from outside the pool fence.
Photo/Video Policy
GSC may wish to take photographs and/or videos (individual and in groups) of swimmers under the age of 18 that may include your child during their membership in the club. By registering your child for Gator Swim Club, you agree to allow all photos/videos taken of your child by GSC staff during practices, meets, and other team events, to be made available to GSC for general use on our website, for the media, or for use at swimming meets. Parents have a right to refuse agreement to their child being photographed, but you must communicate this in writing to the team administrator at [email protected].
Swimmers and parents are not allowed to take pictures or videos during practices without head coach approval.
Per USA Swimming rules, at NO time can photos or videos be taken from behind swimmers on the starting blocks. This includes practices and meets. Photos/videos must be taken only in the host team's specified "camera zones."
Team Suits
Members are required to wear a Speedo team suit and a GSC cap at meets. GSC contracts with Speedo for team gear, available through our team vendor at a discount. Because of the contractual arrangement, if you purchase Speedo gear at this discount, a Speedo team suit must be worn at meets.
University of Florida Athletic Association
Because we rent pool time from the University of Florida and are on premises belonging to the UF Athletic Association (UAA), GSC may on occasion need to supply basic member information to the UAA to ensure compliance with NCAA rules. This information will be minimal and will not endanger or compromise any of your financial or personal information.
Nutritional Supplements
Gator Swim Club is a USA Swimming member and as such we abide by U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) rules. All GSC members are encouraged to keep up-to-date on current rules by visiting www.usada.org. Any legal nutritional or pre/post-workout supplements should be used responsibly and with the full knowledge and consent of parents of minors. GSC does not monitor use or condone overuse of any supplements. Open mixing or consumption of supplements observed at practices or meets will be addressed and may be prohibited by GSC coaches and staff, and parents of minors will be notified as needed.
Team Travel
Gator Swim Club members are expected to abide by our travel policies, which can be viewed in the Team Policies section of the GSC website. Travel policies can and will be updated as necessary and will be distributed to families and swimmers before team trips. Travel policies will be in compliance with USA Swimming Safe Sport's Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy (MAAPP).
USA Swimming Safe Sport
GSC is a Safe Sport certified club and abides by USA Swimming Safe Sport rules, including the Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policy 2.0 (MAAPP), as outlined on the GSC website.
Voluntary Account Suspension/Withdrawal from Club
If your swimmer is planning on taking a break from practices or withdrawing from the club, you must notify the team in writing by sending a message to [email protected] prior to the 20th of the month before the break. A swimmer is not considered suspended or withdrawn from the program until written notice is received by the club. It is not sufficient to inform a coach of your intent to suspend membership or withdraw from the club. If written notice is not received before a charge for the next month or season is applied to your account, there will be no refund.
If an account is suspended more than once per registration year, a $25 fee will be applied for reactivating the account after the first instance. Members of the elite groups (Gold, Sectional, National) may be charged a fee to hold their place during a period of suspension from the team, to be determined by the head coach.