GSC is following the Alachua County Public Schools protocols for COVID-positive cases among team members.

A swimmer with any symptoms of COVID-19 must stay home—please do not send them to practice or meets! Swimmers who are sick, regardless of COVID symptoms, still should be at home. This includes unvaccinated and fully vaccinated children. Symptoms include but are not limited to fever, cough, loss of taste or smell, sore throat, congestion or runny nose, and shortness of breath. A full list of symptoms is available at

If your swimmer has been tested and is awaiting results, they should stay home from practice regardless of symptoms.

A swimmer who tests positive for COVID-19 must stay home, whether or not they have symptoms. This includes vaccinated and fully vaccinated children. GSC is following the ACPS return-to-school protocol (below) for our return-to-practice guidelines.

Parents should notify GSC of a positive test result by e-mailing [email protected].