Gator Update (August 9)

Club Administrator
Aug 9, 2019
We hope you have all been enjoying your week away from practice! We look forward to seeing you and your children back at the pool next week.
Here are some reminders and updates as we close out our 2018-2019 season and prepare for the start of 2019-2020!
August Practices and Schedule Changes
Practices in the last three weeks of August give the club a chance to reset before beginning the short-course season and coaches will be heavily focused on technique work. There will be some combining of groups for selected workouts. Practice times for the remainder of August have been revised for the Senior, Sectional, and National groups; members of these groups will receive a separate e-mail with schedule information.
Our coaches are currently determining if swimmers in their groups are ready to move up to the next level. Move-ups will be communicated to parents over the next couple of weeks, and will be finalized by the middle of September when registrations must be completed. Please remember that move-ups are determined by some objective standards set for each group plus the subjective judgment of our coaches who want to be sure that swimmers will be successful when they transition to a higher level.
GSC Registration for 2019-2020 Year
The 2019-2020 swim year starts on September 1 and registration for this new year will be opening by August 25. We require ALL families to register each fall because this provides a very important opportunity for you to review team policies, fees, and other critical information provided as part of the registration process, as these items are updated as needed each year. Registration is also intended as a chance for you to review and update all account and member information, including payment setup. It is a chance for our system to reset at the start of our new swim year and know that account and member details are current.
Members who wish to participate in the GSC intrasquad meet on September 7 or the EAJ Fall Invite on September 13-15 must complete their registration by September 4 to declare for those meets before sign-up closes. Registration must be completed by September 15 for all members to continue attending practice beyond that date.
GSC swim caps will be distributed to all 2019-2020-registered members at practice in September.
A change you will see outlined at registration this year is that we will no longer be requiring the accumulation of volunteer points. The new system, modeled on those used by other Florida clubs, will require a fee of $120 charged on each account's November 1 invoice that will be credited back after three volunteer shifts are worked at GSC-hosted meets. Families that work more than the required three shifts over the course of the year will be rewarded for their efforts with account credit.
Fall Parent Meetings
Four parent meetings will be scheduled for late September or early October:
  • Pre-comp, White, Green groups (O'Dome)
  • Pre-comp, White, Green groups (Sun Country)
  • Blue, Orange, Silver, Senior groups (O'Dome)
  • Gold, Sectional, National groups (O'Dome)
At these meetings Coach Robert presents an overview of the groups and takes questions. Stay tuned for dates, times, and other details.
UF Back to School Swim Clinic (August 17 and 18)
There are still spots available in the UF Swimming & Diving Back to School clinic on August 17 and 18 for swimmers ages 12 to 18. The registration deadline is August 15. The camp will emphasize stroke fundamentals, starts and turns, and workout fundamentals. Campers will interact with Gator swimmers as well as the UF coaching staff. Each swimmer will receive specific, hands-on instruction for each of the four strokes, starts, and turns. There will be lectures each day and talks given by coaches and special guests. For more information and to register, go to
As always:
  • For group level and practice-related questions, contact your group coach first.
  • If he or she is not available or not able to answer your group or practice question or concern fully please contact Coach Robert at or call/text 319-471-5054.
  • For all registration, billing, account-related, or other administrative questions, contact