Sun Country Sports members have the opportunity to join Gator Swim Club and practice at the Sun Country West pool if their swimmers would be placed in GSC's Pre-competitive or Conditioning groups.

The Pre-competitive group is a transitional group from lessons to team, where swimmers refine their technique and build endurance before moving into the next group in GSC's progressive structure (with practices at the O'Connell Center) or into the Conditioning group at Sun Country.

The Conditioning group is a coached group designed for swimmers who wish to swim primarily for exercise and not necessarily with a focus on progress in their technique and endurance. 

Monthly dues are paid to Sun Country; annual registration fee (including silicone swim cap and USA Swimming membership) and meet fees are paid to GSC.

If you are interested in joining GSC at Sun Country, please contact [email protected]. Contact Sun Country at 352-331-8773 for membership and fee information.

Group sizes will be limited to 9 swimmers in Pre-competitive group 1, 9 in Pre-competitive group 2, and 15 in Conditioning.

Practice Schedules